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house hunters

I’m crazy about the show House Hunters on HGTV.  I love watching the process of people looking at houses, buying a house, and then getting settled in and see what they did with their new place.  But for a while, watching the show has just been something fun to do, but not on the forefront of my mind.

Until now.

Well, maybe it’s been on my mind for a little while, but nothing was coming of it until last night.  Last night we had over two of our friends (husband/wife team) who work in real estate so we could talk “house hunting.”

While we’re in the very preliminary stages of the searching process, I am really looking forward to what this time will bring us in the end!  What I didn’t realize was that there would be a lot to think about in the home search…a lot more “futuristic” thinking than I anticipated.  Let me rewind for a minute.

Two summers ago (in fact, mere weeks before meeting Greg) I was house hunting.  It was a really good time to buy, I felt ready to stop wasting money on rent, and I loved the south Minneapolis neighborhood that I was currently living in, and hoped to find something similar to buy.  Looking for the house, while I did find it stressful in some moments (maybe overwhelming is the more accurate word) felt pretty carefree and laid back.  I basically had to find a house that I could afford, and one in which I loved the location and style.  That was all I was really considering.  You’re probably thinking…those are HUGE things to consider.  Yes, yes they are…..but it was different because I was just thinking about myself.

Ok, so that brings us to now.  As we began to think about buying a house our friends gave us a little information sheet to fill out so we could pinpoint things that are important, things that are essential, and things that would be luxuries.  When we began thinking about these things I realized that there is so many more aspects to think about now that it’s me and my husband…and not just me.

We both want to find a house that is within reasonable distance from work (which for both of us is west of Minneapolis)…we want a house that has a bit of a yard (and by a bit, I mean enough that we’ll have to mow, but not enough that it will take us hours to maintain)…we want a house that we can grow into and have a few (if not all) kids in…we want a house that will have the perks of the city life, but the perks of a quieter, smaller city feel….the list goes on.

When I was talking through all of these things with Greg, and our friends, I began to start worrying if we’re being too picky, or if we’ll ever find a house.  There are so many things we WANT, and so many things that we may or may not get.  But I have come to one big conclusion:  Don’t get hung up on what I THINK we want, but have an open mind…because the house that we would least expect to be a house we love could be the one we love the most.

So begins this journey as… hunters!

P.S. Our Wedding page has been updated with a few more parts of the wedding planning process.  Check it out!


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what are you??

That’s a pretty typical question to hear when you first meet someone and they want to what you do for a profession…

“Oh, so what are you??”

My immediate thought is to tell the inquiring person that I am a teacher. But lately I have been realizing that my job includes much more than just being a teacher.

As a disclaimer…I realize that all jobs require you to wear many different “hats” and tend to many different tasks.  However, I’ve never been in any other profession, so my only experience is in teaching and the SOOOOO many hats I wear.  I’m not saying that any other job is less important or so much easier, I’m just saying what I know, being a teacher.

With that said, I have mentally compiled a list (I think I also compiled a list a while ago when I was again think of this topic) and I decided to share all the things I “am”…..

*Data Analyzer
*Events Coordinator
*Police Officer
*Handy Man
*Parental Advisor

I could continue, but I’ll spare you.  Now, I need to somehow figure out how to combine all of these things into one word so that next time someone asks what I do for a living, I can tell them, more accurately!


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dance anthem of the 80s…

I was born in the 80s.

Maybe that’s why I so thoroughly enjoy this tune.

I’m not even entirely sure of all of the lyrics….but I can’t stop listening to the song.

Regina Spektor is weird…really weird….but great tunes.

Check it out for yourself.

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dove chocolates told me to…

I bought a bag of these for a work meeting today:

I think I ate a few more than the recommended serving size, but that’s beside the point.  As I was indulging in these wonderful treats I kept reading the inside “promises” and they seemed to have a theme (that’s why I kept eating them….to see if there really WAS a theme…:))

Anyway, these are some of the messages I read:

“Remind yourself to relax”

“Take a moment for yourself”

“Enjoy the small things in life”

And then I came across a CrowdCut deal in my email inbox that was for a $30 manicure and pedicure (normally a $70 value) at a local spa.  That’s when I started putting all the pieces together…

Relax…Enjoy….Manicure….Chocolate….Pedicure…Take time for ME….

SO, if you’re following me, I took it as a sign from the Dove Chocolate (and CrowdCut) gods to enjoy the sweet treats and the opportunity to pamper myself.

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school bought lunch

When I was in elementary school it was a BIG deal to eat school lunch….usually we brought a lunch packed (with love) from home…sandwich, some sort of fruit/veggie, milk in a thermos, snackies, and probably some sort of sweet.  I actually enjoyed lunch from home (except those days that something spilled inside and then I hated lunch from home) but on the rare occasion that we my mom would run out of time to pack our lunch, or run out of food to pack in our lunch, I would enjoy school lunch.

I felt so grown up….going up there and getting my lunch.  Getting the choice of buying “hot” (main entree) or “cold” (some sort of sandwich)…it was a big deal.  And if I was lucky, I would get to buy lunch on the day that we had what Houghton Elementary called “Lucky Tray Day.”  Let me explain…

On Lucky Tray Day, we got disposable trays and on the bottom of a handful of those trays was a big black, X.  If you got the X on the bottom of your tray, you won “Lucky Tray day”….the lunch ladies would call for the LTD winners and they would go up and get their prize…a cookie, frozen icee, or something of sorts.  It was a big deal!  I think I won LTD once and I was ecstatic.

Anyway, now that I work in a school every day, and have the choice of bringing a lunch and packing a lunch, you’d think that I’d buy lunch…if for no other reason, in hopes that someday, somehow Lucky Tray Day would make it’s way to Cedar Ridge Elementary.  But, I’ve never been that interested in buying lunch at work.  Its not that the food is bad, but the adult price seems awfully expensive (in my opinion) especially when there isn’t anything extra special or different from the kids’ food.

However, there is ONE meal that I will fork over the $3.75 for….Bosco Cheese Sticks and they look a little something like this:

Ok, I know they don’t look that special, and to most, they probably look horribly gross.  But I promise you, they are delicious.  They are warm, and the cheese is melted just right, and the cool marinara sauce that they serve with it adds the perfect amount of flavor to the breadsticks.  YUM!!!!

Because of Bosco Cheese Sticks I have put money in my school account and I wait patiently for the day that this meal appears on the lunch menu.  To make matters worse, my kids know these are my weakness, and the taunt me it daily….”Mrs. Mohr…Bosco Cheese Sticks today…..”  or “Mrs. Mohr I am pretty sure they have Bosco Cheese Sticks every Tuesday…”  They rial me up and then I am disappointed when they aren’t on the menu.  Today, the kids alerted me of Bosco Cheese Sticks on the menu for tomorrow…and I can only hope they are right.

If I can’t have Lucky Tray Day any more, Bosco Cheese Sticks is a close second…and school bought lunch continues to bring me great joy!

P.S.  Check out Our Wedding link at the top….it has been updated with “Wedding Party Attire” details!

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the girl who cried FIRE!!

Around 4:30 this afternoon we had some neighbors (who we had never met…a mutual friend introduced us) stop by…and as we were visiting with them, we were talking about our apartment complex and how we’ve been really happy with living here, etc.  As we continued to talk about living in the apartment we chuckled over the late night (or early  morning) fire alarm that went off a few weeks ago.  In case you are wondering, here’s what happened…

It was a cold, and snowy December eve…Greg and I had been tucked into bed for several hours already.   That means, we’re dead asleep…out cold!  All of the sudden this horrendous sound starts blaring in our ears….my immediate reaction was to grab for the alarm….but when I hit the “off” button, the sound kept ringing in my ears.  It was about that time that Greg bolted straight up and my panic mode struck.  I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off…what do I grab, what do I do, how much time do we have until fire reaches our apartment?!  I was lucky to get my boots on before heading out the door (I didn’t even grab my coat…just a sweatshirt).  I flung our apartment door open and all of the fire doors had already shut (we’re in between 3)…I push through one set of doors, closest to a stair case, and I yell at Greg to “HURRY UP…”  Greg diligently locks the apartment door, then as I looked back I could see him running to catch up.  We both sprint down the stairs, hearts beating a million miles an hour, get to the bottom floor and fly out the door only to….be the ONLY people outside!  What the HECK!?  Whether there is a fire or not the alarm is killing everyone’s ears and that doesn’t get them to exit?  Crazy people.  We stood out there for a few minutes when other people start strolling out….some just looked out over their balcony and asked what was going on….other just peeped from their windows and walked away.  Long story short, the fire trucks and police came, and after about a half hour of standing outside in the blowing Minnesota snowy night, we were allowed to go back in.

That brings you up to speed.  As mentioned before we were just reminicing with our neighbors about that frightful night and someone said, “I think we can assume that will happen again…”

And again it happened.  Two hours after that conversation, Greg and I were eating a peaceful, candle lit dinner having a simply lovely conversation when all of the sudden BEEP BEEP BEEP….

“What the…..” I yelled.  Yup.  It was the fire alarm…again.  This time I didn’t feel as panicked because I wasn’t awoken from sleep and for some reason I just felt more prepared.  Don’t get me wrong, it did startle me….just not like it had before.  This time I had time to grab a few choice items and we were about to head out the door when I realized our candles were still lit.  That would not be good to leave those suckers on, with the possibility of starting a real fire.  So, I blew them out and we were quickly on our way.  This time when we got outside we were joined by many others.  We waited, and waited, and finally were allowed to go back in.

Because this has happened two times now, three important things took place tonight:  Discuss a fire escape route if there is no way to get down the stairs (we brainstormed hanging over the edge of the balcony, and using sheets to get out…oh boy); Get renters insurance; Decide which items are worth grabbing in the event of another alarm/fire.  We are already signed up with insurance and I have narrowed down my list of things to take to the following:  purse, keys, wedding ring (if it’s not on…I don’t wear it at night), and laptop.  I don’t have a lot of “heirloom” type of things that I would really want to grab, and as silly as it sounds, my computer is probably the item of most sentimental worth (all of my pictures, files, etc.).  Now that I know what I want to grab, I’ll be ready if it ever happens again!  Whew.

Here’s to hoping for no more FIRE alarms!


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We didn’t have cable tv throughout all of our growing-up years, but when we did get cable I somehow stumbled upon this station called “HGTV.”  I didn’t really know what HGTV stood for but I found a show that I was immediately captivated by….The Carol Duvall Show.

You know, the type of show that any 10 or 11 year old kid would be interested in…it featured an older woman (and when I say older I mean probably 50’s…ancient!) who shared crafts and home decorating trips with her audience.  I was hooked on it and would sneak in an episode or two whenever soccer was not blaring from the television set.

Either the show went off the air or I lost interest in the show because I discovered MTV’s “Total Request Live” or “Real World,”  or I finally learned that HGTV stood for Home and Garden Television…ewww, I could not watch a show on a gardening network.  Whatever the case I stopped watching this show, and moved on from this channel….

Until recently.  When we moved into our new apartment we got cable, which for me, was the first time in YEARS (probably 8 years)…I rediscovered that there are shows beyond ABC, CBS, and a fuzzy NBC.  Just as before, I stumbled upon this HGTV channel but I was hesitant to watch…it was, afterall, a “gardening” channel…lame!  Much to my surprise, HGTV has become more of a home improvement channel rather than crafty old ladies and Bonsai  tree channel.  Since this discovery I haven’t been able to stop watching the channel.  I’m hooked on many of the shows but some of my favorites include:  Dear Genevieve, Income Property, House Hunters, and Property Virgins.  Of course there are many others I enjoy, but the ones I listed above….love those…to the point where I DVR them if I am going to miss part or all of an episode.

Oh, how I love this channel…

P.S….Our Wedding page has been updated!

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