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I can’t get enough of it!  Seriously.

Friday night I slept from 10 pm to 10 am….12 hours of sleep and mid way through the day I felt like I could have taken a nap.

Last night I slept from 11 pm till 8 am…9 hours of sleep and I feel like I could still be sleeping.

I remember in college, sleeping was the last thing I wanted to do…there were too many other things I could be doing…studying, going to movies, playing pranks, hanging out, shopping, etc.  And thinking back, I’m not sure how I survived those very few hours of sleep for a couple years.  Imagining “those days,” when I would only get 5 hours of sleep, makes me shudder because I realize how unhealthy my sleep habits were.

Now, I get a whole 7 hours of sleep most week nights and that still doesn’t even feel like enough.  2 whole hours more of sleep than what I gave my body just a few years back, and I still feel sleep deprived.

I just need to stay awake a few more hours before it is ok to take a nap 🙂

I think I’m getting old!


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snow…more of it…

I know, I know…I live in Minnesota so I should expect and be use to the snow that keeps accumulating outside cozy apartment….but I’m not used to it.  I don’t think I’ll ever get use to is.  It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong…but there is so much of it….and it’s so cold….and it makes everything take 100 times longer (shoveling, scraping, driving slowly, etc.)  Plus the fact that Mr. Ground Hog told us that Spring was coming early (and soon) does not help anything….last week was 55 degrees outside and the snow and ice barely had a chance to start melting before another winter blast….and despite how ready I am for the snow to be gone, mother nature is feeling differently.  The one thing I am thankful for, that comes as a result of the snow, is the chance to slow down and really tune into relaxation mode.  The weekend consisted of….

Slumber party in the family room the whole weekend.  We literally brought the mattress out to the family room on Friday night so we could watch LOST from bed (we don’t have a TV in our room) and it ended up staying in the family room Friday, Saturday, Sunday and finally went back into the bedroom on Monday.  It made for very comfy LOST viewing!

Watching a lot of LOST….we’re only about 5 episodes into Season 2 of the show, but wow!  I cannot wrap my head around the fact that this show goes on for 6 whole seasons….what else could happen!?  It seems like everything imaginable that could happen, has already happened.  CRAZY!   It’s definitely keeping me hooked so we’ll have to continue to stay tuned in….

We also got to spend some time reading by ourselves and together!  I cozied up to my Real Simple magazine a few times, Greg to his ESPN magazine, and then we also read a book together which was super enjoyable and relaxing….

We made some delicious cupcakes that we’ve been wanting to make for quite some time…my favorite kind:  Confetti cupcakes with Rainbow Chip icing!  YUMMMY!

It was just so enjoyable to spend three days with Greg, simply relaxing!  So, I guess, if snow allows us to slow down and relax like this, then it should snow every weekend….ok, maybe not really 🙂


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ice cream in bed!!!

You know how movies, commercials, media make it seem pretty normal to have cookies in bed?!  I never really got that….it just never made a ton of sense, to me, to eat in bed…unless you are sick or something.  Maybe it’s normal, but I know that I can count the number of times I’ve had cookies in bed on [maybe] 2 fingers.

Anyway, Greg was out of town earlier in the week and when he landed he texted me to tell me that he would be home in about a half hour.  This was at about 9:30 and I immediately texted back and said, “Want to have ice cream and oreos in bed, when you get back??”  He wrote back told me he was absolutely on board.

After I thought for a few moments I had no idea where that idea came from….ice cream and cookies in bed?!  Odd, Tina.  I’m not sure what came over me, but ice cream in bed, we had.  It was delicious, and fun to catch up with each other while warm and cozy and enjoying a treat!

Vanilla ice cream, with 3 oreos, in a mug....the perfect combination!


I can say that we will definitely be starting this as a tradition!


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valentine’s day x 3

Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day 1 time….not this gal.  I celebrated 3 separate times this year…

First, Greg and I celebrated Valentine’s day on Sunday the 13th since he had a work trip scheduled for the 14th.  We had talked about going out for dinner, or staying in a hotel for the night, but when it came down to it, the fuss wasn’t that important to us.  So we just lounged around for the day and relaxed.

Valentine’s #1….

First we made Chocolate Covered Strawberries which I talked about here.  Then we got a Papa Murphy’s heart shaped pizza….how cuuuuute 🙂  We had a coupon for this $6 pizza so we couldn’t pass it up!  After that we watched Freedom Writer’s (I had to watch it for work), even though Greg did offer to watch The Notebook with me!  It was a fantastic day!

Valentine’s #2…

At school we didn’t have a formal party (you know, the kind where a million parents come in and I am grinning from ear to ear the entire time, even though inside I am in pain watching the children of the parent volunteers run wild…) but my kids earned a pizza party from good behavior (it only took from September till February!!) so we did a pizza party/Valentine’s day shindig.

It was honestly the most calm Valentine’s Day celebration that I’ve ever experienced with children.  We did a lot of fun Valentine activities throughout the day, had pizza for lunch, watched a short Valentine’s day movie, did some Candy Heart math activities, and then ended the day with opening Valentine cards in our personalized boxes.  It was pretty fantastic!

Valentine’s #3…

Since Greg was out of town on the 14th, and since I usually watch the Bachelor with my old roommies on Mondays, it worked out perfectly to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ladies as well!  Laurie and Melody came over and we enjoyed fine dining, television, and conversation.  It was a blast.

We ate Creamy Vodka Penne Pasta, a delicious (and colorful) salad, cressent rolls, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  Mmmmm!  The dinner was good, but the fact that Michelle left the Bachelor was even better.  FINALLY!

Loved all THREE of my celebrations!!!

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workout change of plan…

Greg and I have been on a “Work Out Challenge” kick.  It’s actually an individual competition, but I’m still failing miserably compared to my dedicated and motivated husband!  We each made a goal [different] for ourselves and we have a calendar that we hang on the fridge (yes, I am a teacher) that keeps track of how many times we work out.

The problem is that even a calendar with stickers to track my progress is not keeping me very motivated.  Grrrr.  Many weeks Greg exceeds his personal goal and I can barely meet my goal (which happens to be less intense than Greg’s).  I was actually talking to Greg last night about this problem and I think I narrowed it down and have blamed my work day on my lack of motivation.

[insert excuse here]  It’s just that I am moving, moving, moving all day long.  I rarely sit down during my 8 hour work day.  In fact most times that I am replying to emails (personal or work) I am doing so hunched over my desk, standing up, while putting on a band-aid, or tying a shoe simultaneously.  I’m not trying to complain (even though I know it sounds like I am)…I’m just saying that when I get home, the last thing I want to do is bop around to burn off a few calories.

That being said, I have come up with a “doable” workout routine….I go to the gym twice a week to hop on the treadmill, and then one day a week I “reward” myself for working out by doing “Just Dance” on the wii.  It sounds like a pretty flaky workout, right?!   Wrong.  It am pretty sure I sweat more and feel more sore after my Just Dance workout than when I actually go to the gym.  It makes the dreaded work out a bit more enjoyable.

Until tonight.  UGH.  I was pumping myself up all evening to get up and do my workout and finally when 7:00 rolled around I scolded myself off the couch…”Tina…1…2…3….” and I was up.  I got excited, put in my wii game, and picked my first song (a song, by the way, that is 3/3 sweat drops on the game).  I was just gettin’ in the groove when the music abruptly stopped.  WHAT?!  You can’t do that to me.  It must have been a fluke.  A picked a new song….and it happened again.  In fact it happened 4 more times.  I decided to give it one more chance…if it flaked on me again, I was going to abandon the game and simply do my own dance work out.

It happened again.  So, I turned on my iPod to a level that, I’m sure, broke the noise rules of our apartment complex and danced around our entire apartment!  It was actually pretty fun and I even incorporated weights into the mix (I think I should give myself 2 stickers on the calendar chart for that!)….as I was dancing around the song “Footloose” came on and I flashed back to this…

Click on the picture to see video of us bustin' moves on the dance floor...

Ahhh….what a great change of plan for my workout tonight!


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fruity, chocolatey goodness

In light of the holiday (more on all THREE of my Valentine’s festivities later)….here’s our attempt to make some chocolate covered strawberries…

1. Wash and dry strawberries (I used about a dozen).  Make sure they are all the way dry or else the chocolate won’t stick as readily.

2.  Put chocolate chips (I used about a half of a bag) in a bowl.  I used the defrost button (I looked into this a bit and defrost won’t zap them as quickly or strongly as the regular setting) and went in 90 second intervals.  It took me a bit less than two, 90 second zaps.  Be sure to check on them and stir every so often.  You don’t want the chocolate to melt.

3.  Once the chocolate is all oooey gooey, dip (we ended up rolling) the strawberries in until the lower portion is covered in chocolate.

4.  Place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper and refrigerate until chocolate is hard.

5.   Use the same process to melt white chocolate if you care to drizzle this on top.  Drizzle the melted white chocolate on top.  HOWEVER, I don’t have a good technique to do this….and was hoping someone would help me.  I tried dripping it on…flinging it on….you name it, we tried it but we didn’t get a super outstanding end VISUAL look.  Oh well, that’s the purpose of giving it a whirl.  So, if anyone has tips, let me know! Refrigerate.

6.  Eat and enjoy!


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yup…it’s what you think.

our Dollar Store find!

If you can’t see the picture, that IS a High School Musical puzzle….and not only is it a HS Musical puzzle, it’s one that is fully put together by….US.  Greg and I had a night at home a couple weeks ago and we decided to do a puzzle.

We have several puzzles that we have never done before, but this one kept catching my attention.  Mostly because we’ve had it since September, we got it for $1, and it came from Brainerd, MN.  Why wouldn’t I want to work on it?!

See, we went up north or a little R & R the weekend after our wedding and we had absolutely no agenda.  So we stopped at the grandiose Dollar Store up there….after roaming the aisle for a while, we went to the check out aisle with some candy, a back support for the car, and this HS Musical puzzle.  Doesn’t get much better.

So months later, in our down time, we constructed this lovely puzzle…and I’m quite proud of it…we even left it out on the coffee table for a few days!

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