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It’s Official…We’re Minnesotans…

While Greg and I have both lived in Minnesota for a several years now, we haven’t truly been Minnesotans until last night.

Does this picture give you an clue about how we earned this status??

What about this one???

If you don’t live in this fine state, you may still be wondering what these pictures mean…let me enlighten you.

These photos, my friends, are taken of a truly Minnesotan delight called….TATER TOT HOTDISH.  What is Tater Tot Hotdish you may be wondering?!  Essentially a hotdish is a casserole with a different name…and Tater Tot Hotdish is a casserole with tater tots on top of a whole slue of random ingredients. I don’t know why, but this is really popular in Minnesota.  Like you are hardcore Minnesotan if you make and eat this stuff…it’s no joke.

Greg and I map out our meals weekly and this week I was thinking I wanted to do something different….and for some odd reason, Tater Tot Hotdish popped into my mind.  Why?  I have no idea.  Since living here I have only had this meal 1 other time…but I remember really liking it.  For whatever reason, I thought of it while we were planning our meals, and there was no going back….I was officially craving it.  Random!

I googled around for a simple recipe (really you could put just about anything in the dish and it would turn out just fine) that I thought wouldn’t be good and I found this via

Pretty easy and straight forward.  I guarantee it’s not the healthiest meal we could have made, but there was something about the experience and saying that we had “Tater Tot Hotdish” on our menu for the week that made me so excited.

I was gone later last night so Greg agreed to throw it together so that it was ready when I got home.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.  Greg was less than impressed.  He was pretty unsure why all of those ingredients should go together….why NOT, I thought!!?  There is about 2/3 of the pan left, and since Greg wasn’t too fond of it, I’ll be eating the rest for leftovers for the next….several days!

That’s ok….I’m just excited that we had it…and if we don’t have it again, I won’t be crushed….but I can now officially say that we are Minnesotans!



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From the mouth of Babes…

This week we have been learning about animals in Science.  The two vocabulary words that I introduced were offspring and trait.  We talked about how “The young of a plant or animal is an offpsring…”

Every week we write in a journal at the end of the week, that goes home to tell parents/families about activities that we did in school.

Check out one kid’s journal today…

Yup…you read it correctly…”Dear mom, I lrnd that I am your offspring…”

Boy did that make me giggle for a while….I walked around and saw several other journals that had similar sentences….hilarious!

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Easter House Guests

We were super pumped when we got a date set for Jaime and Betsy to come visit us in “The ‘Sota” as Jaime likes to call it.  Not only were they going to be here….they were going to be here over Easter….our first holiday in the new house!

It was a super great weekend that consisted mostly of relaxing, hanging out, and doing Sporcle quizzes online….but we also ventured out to the Mall of America, Church, and the park across the street.  We made a pretty killer Easter lunch, dyed eggs, and laughed lots!

Since pictures are probably much more interesting than my wordy posts….I’ll let the pictures do the talking….

Can't dye eggs without Easter Troll watching over....

Easter Sunday...couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

Master Chef with elbow length oven mitts!

The Spread!

In our egg cracking circle, Greg won...first time luck!

Happy Easter from the MN Mohrs!


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Several Small Steps…

Because we were anticipating our Easter weekend house guests, we were slightly more motivated to make several small steps in the progress of lovely home.

Small Step #1:  Table and Rug

Previously we had a rather large table that just didn’t fit the space of our new kitchen area.  The space is a pretty good size, but the shape of the table was really what made our old table a little bit less than ideal.  Due to where the garage door is situated, and where the overhead table light is hanging, we needed to find a table that worked better in the space.  In addition to a table that fit well (and comfortably) we I was pretty set on getting a rug.  Every time we moved the chairs or the table, I was cringing, thinking about the beautiful floor being ruined.  Yes, I know that covers for chair legs exist, but beyond protecting the floor, I just felt that a rug would warm up the space a bit, and our toes!

Super excited to have found these two great deals at IKEA (the rug was only $20!!!!)  Oh, and if you are wondering if our table is brown and our chairs are black, wonder no more….our table is brown and our chairs are black.  But only temporarily.  Because there are many purchases to be made, we decided that getting a new table was really important (so we could actually use the space) but having matching chairs was not so important for the time being.  We snatched the chairs from the old table (which is now in the basement, used in a game area) and put them around the new table.  It’s not ideal, but it works for now!

Small Step #2:  Guest Room Revamp

For the last several years, my bedroom decor has been red and black.  I really loved the way it looked and how it all went together, but when we moved into the new house, I knew it was time for a change.  So, in order to change things up a bit, we found a new duvet cover, and I attempted my first set of DIY curtains.  The duvet was another great deal at IKEA and I love the pattern….fun, simple, colorful.  The yellow curtains were made from some JoAnn Fabric material and no sew (iron) hem.  Again, it’s just a start….I have lots of dreams to paint the room a soft to medium gray, and then to bring out some more of the black, purple, and pale yellow.  It sounds kind of like an odd combo, but the more I put it together in my head, it really seems to work.

Keep in mind that the yellow curtains in the picture look a lot darker than they are in real life.  And, keep in mind that I have yet to iron them to make them lay correctly.  Either way, I was able to get this done so that our house guests had a bit more privacy (not necessarily darkness…blinds will eventually be installed behind the curtain) than before….and this look is much better than nailed up sheets to the wall!

Small Step #3:  Upstairs Couches

One of the big reasons I love the house is because of the split space….there is a large family room on the lower level, and then a pretty great sized living space on the upper level.  It really allows for a variety of activities and comfort.  Our previous couches are kept downstairs in sort of the TV, game, and entertainment space.  They are comfy, do the job.  But we didn’t have couches for upstairs…well, I did, but I sold them because I didn’t care for them anymore and I knew we needed something more substantial for the space we had.

We shopped and shopped for couches and stumbled across a great find of a store…Furniture Mart….who knew this place existed?!!?  I mean with a name like Furniture Mart, you gotta expect great things, and great things we got!  We sat on many couches, went back and forth, weighed out the pros and cons (via our mental Excel Spreadsheet comparison chart), and decided that big, comfy couches were the way to go.  We wanted to create the upstairs space to be more for conversation, curling up with a good book, taking an afternoon Sunday nap, or gazing out the window at the park.  The couches we found are perfect for all of the above.  They just got delivered a few days ago and I am already obsessed.

As you can see, we went with a dark chocolate brown….they are huge and fit the space super well.  Of course we need to be on the look out for some cool side tables and perhaps a storage ottoman as a coffee table of sorts….and maybe some new lamps, and definitely some more DIY curtains….but I’m so pleased with the comfort of this room.  It’s already been used so much and I just love it!

Now that we have several staple pieces of furniture in place, my next goal is to start thinking about some paint options and to get some color movin’ in the house!  Can’t wait for that to start happening!

For now, I am so excited about the several small steps that we’ve taken!


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Yup! I’m becoming one of them…

I’m becoming one of those people that collects trinkets and decorations for every  major holiday and season.

How in the world could I resist this little guy!!?

First of all, he looks like a GIANT Peep Marshmallow candy….and those are ridiculously good.  And, he’s just so bright, and springy….I was dreaming up a huge mantle display featuring this feathery friend and then I realized this was all I had to display, so I put those thoughts to a halt for the time being.

But the point is that, it’s just too darn fun to find little things that make your home festive for the various holidays.  So far I  have stuff for Christmas, and “Fall” (not really Halloween)…I vowed to not buy seasonal decorations at retail price…because the day after Easter, or Halloween, everything will be 90% off, and why pay full price when you can pay 10% of the price.  But until now, I haven’t really had space to go stock up on holiday decorations that were 90% off.  So, with Easter being the first Holiday in our new lovely house, I can only anticipate all the goodies I am going to swoop up at our local craft stores, the day after!

I cannot wait to have decorations for every holiday and season….And I am 100% ok that I am becoming “one of them….”

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what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico…


We’ve been back for almost 2 weeks, now, and I don’t think I’ve had a moment to slow down.

You know, you get back and you see the pile of mail you need to sort through…then you see the old curtains that you simply nailed to the wall as a quick privacy fix and think about the fact that you need to hang real curtains….and then you see the old “For Sale” sign that somehow got shattered and is sprawled all over your front lawn…oh, and there is that new set of couches and table that you want to go shopping for….and going back to work…and seeing friends….and eating and sleeping.

The list goes on….and such is life.

But boy, do I miss those sunny, lazy, relaxing days that we had in Mexico.  It truly was a “honeymoon” (though many months late) full of relaxation.  And it’s totally what we needed, and came at the perfect time.  Yes, I would have loved a week off after the wedding (because boy was I exhausted then) but there was something about “saving” it till later that made it feel that much more rewarding (and needed).  I thought I was exhausted after the wedding….but 8 months later, I can surely say I was just as exhausted, if not more.

So without going on and on too long…I will say that Cancun treated us well!  The air was warm, the water was cool, and the breeze was glorious.  Seriously!  The food was delicious, the sleep was glorious, and the time spent with The Mr. was priceless!  So thankful for the week we got to spend together!

Here’s a look back at our time…

Leavin' on a jet plane....

Check out those colors....

The most strenous (and I say strenous lightly) part of the week: bus ride to town

We enjoyed live music every night on a huge comfy couch!

And we enjoyed numerous fruity, fun drinks

Thanks for treating us well, Mexico!

Can’t wait to go back!

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Stumbled upon this poem in 1st Grade world…and it is OH, SO TRUE for my neck of the woods right now….

Winter months are always cold
While summer months are hot.
Fall is somewhere in-between
And spring I like a lot.

But when they were deciding
What April was to bring
I’m sure they got excited
And put in everything.

Some days are warm, sometimes we’re chilled
There’s rain and there is sun.
Sometimes there’s even flakes of snow
Before the month is done.

So it is clear in making up
The style of April weather
They took a bit of every month
And mixed it all together.

 -Author Unknown

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