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some days…

Some days are for waking up to a “Good morning, I love you” text from my husband…

Some days are for watching a reality tv marathon…

Some days are for left overs for lunch and macaroni for dinner…

Some days are for sitting on the deck and listening to the kids playing at the park…

Some days are for late evening strolls with  The Mr…

Some days are for listening to John Lennon’s “Imagine” while blogging….

Some days are for few words…

Today is one of those days.  And it’s been just beautiful. 


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One Word Wednesday


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dance. dance. dance.

Ok…most of you know how nutty I am about a good dance party.  That’s why I usually listen to KDWB (Twin Cities Hit Music Station) when I’m in the car….gotta have some good tunes, especially in the summer with your windows down.

Anyway, I heard this song called “You Make Me Feel” by Cobra Starship (never heard of them) last night and it was the first time I had heard it, so I’m assuming it’s fairly new.  Regardless, I am in love with this song.  I will warn you that I could barely make out half the words since I was so caught up in the music and I’ve only listened to it once.  So I can’t tell you about the content…it may or may not be worth anything….but the music.  OH MY GOSH!  Such a great dance song!  I just watched the video online and there isn’t anything TOO risque so I am going to share it with you all…because everybody needs a good dance jam in their life!

Check it out…

Doesn’t that make you want to get up and dance?!!?  I’m about to download it so I can play it on repeat as I get things done around the house this morning.

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product spotlight: zenni optical

My blog is not about endorsing certain products….unless I’m really crazy about them….which is why today I am writing about the wonderful world of Zenni Optical!  If you have never heard of Zenni, you are missing out!  Seriously.

Basically Zenni is an online spectacle store.  There are hundreds….no, probably THOUSANDS of glasses sold on this website ranging from classic and traditional to funky and ridiculous.   The best part of this website is that the glasses are all SUPER reasonably priced, ranging from $6 (YES $6) to $46…and get this:  these prices INCLUDE the lenses!  I know, I didn’t believe it myself at first.

So almost 2 years ago I ordered 2 pairs of glasses for a grand total of about $20 (I believe mine were each $9 plus shipping)!  SCORE!  Now some of you are probably thinking this is TOO good to be true….so here is my pro/con list:

Pros:  Cheap, Huge Variety, Shop from home
Cons:  You can’t try them on in person, Frames can be flimsy

For me, this is the perfect option for eye-wear because I normally wear my contacts…so when it comes to glasses I’m not looking for designer options and I get to  order 2-3 pairs of glasses for less than the price of one pair that you find at an optical store, even at Wal-Mart.  Plus because they are so cheap I’m ok with being a bit more “risky” with the glasses I pick.

All this to say….my prescription has changed and I’m ready to place another order with Zenni….here are a few of my MANY “favorites” which I need to narrow down soon!

Teacher Glasses


Safe (these are the glasses I currently have...just with a different back color)


So there you have it!  A few of my faves!  I can’t wait to get a few pairs ordered!  You should definitely go check out Zenni Optical!



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Remember studying for the ACT and the section on “analogies” came up?

They looked a little something like this…


(A) window : close
(B) spice : season
(C) cloth : weave
(D) mask : frighten
(E) country : vote

Or sometimes like this…

Scissors are used to cut.
____ are used to ____.

Well, I just came up with an analogy when I was looking in our closet…


Tina : Swimsuits

Greg is to Athletic Shorts as Tina is to Swimsuits

It’s so true.  We both of far too many of both of those things…I didn’t even take the time to pull out all of them for these pictures. Somehow we have accumulated these over the years (because I see swimsuits in that pile that I’ve had for 4 or 5 years and I’m sure there are shorts in there that Greg has had since high school)….what can I say, we just love our shorts and swimsuits!

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it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

I usually brag about the location that we snagged when we bought our house.  It’s super ideal.  I mean, having a huge park directly across the street from us is really city living at it’s finest.  No houses across from us, no potential building, wide open space and we don’t have to maintain it.  It’s great.

Usually the park brings in lots of little tykes who are easily entertained by the playground….older children who are playing in a baseball league, and even some adults who take enjoyment in a sweaty game of basketball.  I often find myself perched on our couch (yes, kind of like a cat) looking out the window admiring the activity that goes on…it just makes me happy to watch all the people enjoying that space.

However, last week changed things just a bit.  I am still trying to wrap my head around this….it’s just so completely odd.  I don’t get it.  What just happened to our neighborhood?!!

Ok…I’m going to keep this PG, so don’t worry your pretty little self.

Greg’s parents were in town last week (over July 4th) and most of the days we enjoyed being lazy around the house in the mornings…well, Friday morning we were all lounging around upstairs (Greg was working in the basement) when I peered out the window, as I usually do, and noticed a big red car zip through the park’s parking lot, followed by what I thought was a police car.  I was so intrigued because they pulled in so fast, drove on the grass, and threw their cars into park.  The doors opened and out of the “police car” walked a man with a huge camera.  Odd.  Out of the red car walked 2 girls dressed in close to nothing (Ok, I’m being a little dramatic….they were wearing swimsuits which were probably more conservative than you’ll see at most any beach) and another lady that had a clipboard in hand.  Really odd.

Of course I’m so shocked by what I see that I just keep saying “What the heck??”  and “Oh my word…”  And naturally that perked Papa Mohr’s attention.  He asked  what was going on and then joined me in peering out the window.  We quickly summoned Mama Mohr who was sitting peacefully on the deck and we all just stood there as these people pranced around the parking lot of our beautiful park.  Jenni grabbed her camera because this was definitely a sight to see…duh, I should have had mine out ages ago.  So I grabbed mine too…

I thought it was really weird when the start climbing on the top of the car…

And then they started posing like this…

And that’s where I was so disturbed that I thought I for sure was seeing things.  A few more shots and they all piled in their cars and zipped out of the parking lot just as quickly as they zipped in.  And it was over, just as though it had never happened.

There were multiple reasons this was so shocking to me….but mostly because they chose a little park across the street from MY house to do this photo shoot.  Of all places that they could have gone…they picked my city….why??  I mean if they went a few miles down the road they would have hit downtown Minneapolis, a place much more suitable for these kinds of shinanigans.  So I’m still trying to figure out the draw to our park….but I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out.

If you didn’t notice already, the “police car” had a sign for something called “X Government Cars”…Greg’s dad looked it up and apparently it’s nothing too shady…they basically sell old, used government cars and they use girls in black bikini’s to sell the cars faster.

I’m halfway nervous to look out the window now, not sure of what I’ll find.  All I know is, Mr. Rogers would not have considered that day a beautiful day in the neighborhood. 


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One Word Wednesday



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