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See you next….Tuesday

I know that is a long time from now.  I know you will all be crying yourself to sleep because you will be missing my posts so badly.

You’re just going to have to deal with it 🙂

Yesterday I went back to work for the first official day and I worked 10 hours.  Today I worked 11 hours.  Tomorrow I will probably only work 10 hours, but 2 of those hours will be schmoozing with families during Open House…that’s worth at least 6 hours of work.  Thursday I have conferences all day and will want to crawl into a dark, quiet room once they are over.

And then Friday is already here and Greg and I leave to go visit the family in Michigan and meet baby Lucas for the first time!  And we’ll be there until Monday night.

So, you can see why I won’t be back till next Tuesday.  Please miss me greatly!

Catch ya then!


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thanks for the reminder, facebook

Facebook is great for so many reasons….I love it.  But I have been seeing little reminders pop up in the right hand corner of the screen and it just makes me laugh.  Like this one….

Apparently there is a BIG EVENT coming up for me and Gregory E Mohr Esq!  I’m so glad that my social networking site can remind me of my anniversary….like I am going to forget….after ONE YEAR 🙂

Anyway…it’s true!  Our anniversary is coming up on Sunday!  We have a super fun weekend planned….and it goes a little something like this:

Friday we are celebrating our anniversary (a few days early) compliments of my class last year.  We got a pretty hefty gift card to a super nice steak place downtown.  Plus since we don’t have to pay for the meal, it will be even more enjoyable!!  Oh, and we have all the ingredients we need to make strawberry margaritas (left over from my b-day party)….so we’ll probably mix some up, turn on the song playlist from our wedding dance, and dance around the house (or at least I will:))!

Saturday we’re going to a Twins game (playing the Tigers….ooooohhh) with the Pastor that married us, his wife, and their baby.  Greg won tickets from work so we have pretty nice seats and the day is supposed to be gorgeous!

Sunday, on our actual anniversary, we are heading to the great Minnesota Get-Together….the State Fair.  We actually went to the fair last year, the day after our wedding to go to a concert.  But we were so exhausted that we didn’t get to meander around the fair very long (we got there we just a few extra minutes to spare before the show started) so I am looking forward to actually spending several hours there to people watch, eat lots of food, and spend time with some friends!

We could have done a short weekend trip but it’s so busy with me getting ready to go back to work that it didn’t really make sense to go anywhere this weekend….plus we went to Cali a few weeks ago which was kind of like an early anniversary trip…AND we are going home to visit baby Lucas next weekend…so we’re pretty content just hanging out in our city and enjoying time together and with friends to celebrate our first anniversary!

This weekend better be nothing short of a BIG EVENT, as Facebook likes to call it!

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my little cave

I will admit.  It was torturous having to get up earlier than Greg nearly every day last school year.  In the past, getting up early wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t that bad because I never saw my other roommates sleeping soundly and cozily in their beds.  But since Greg and I have been married I would see him daily roll over when my alarm would go off and continue to sleep, long after I woke up.  Jealousy at it’s finest.

However since I had a pretty fantastic summer with very few responsibilities, I had the chance to sleep later than Greg most days.  Don’t get me wrong…I didn’t sleep in till 10 or 11 am or anything….but even sleeping till 8 has been glorious.

Anyway, being the great husband that Greg is, he was far more concerned about my continuing to sleep [after he was awake] than anything else.  Our room stays pretty dark even in the light of the morning, but one day Greg came up with this great idea for keeping any light out of my eyes….and he has continued to do this most days, to make sure I sleep soundly. Check it out…

Ok, this may be hard to understand, so let me explain.  As you can see, the window is to the right of the bed….and to the left of the bed is the bathroom/closet.  Usually I sleep towards the bathroom and closet area during the night, but when Greg gets up, I automatically turn the other way so that I don’t see the lights from the bathroom and closet.

Greg’s fantastic idea to allow me to sleep wonderfully, involves those pillows.  I know it looks like it’s a wall that separates our sides of the bed….but don’t worry…I know Greg doesn’t have cooties.  Anyway.  Once Greg gets out of bed he puts his pillow down next to me….then he grabs two of our other pillows that we have around (for reading and whatnot) and stacks them on top of each other.  And he stacks them in a way that is right in front of my face so that any light from the window gets blocked.


It’s genius!!  And it’s like my own little cave….dark and quiet.  I love it!


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one word wednesday



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BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad

Greg and I love eating salads for dinner….yes, they are healthy and fresh, but mostly they are great cause they are easy to make!  We tried a new salad this week inspired by Panera’s salad menu.  Whenever I go to Panera I want to get the BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad, and when we were thinking about what to make for dinner this week, I realized that would be a pretty easy one to do.

I did google “BBQ Chicken Salads” and found a few different recipes which we took a few ideas from, along with the ideas from the Panera salad, and we created our own.  Here’s what we used….

2 chicken breasts
Black Beans
Tortilla Strips (topping)
Romain Lettuce
BBQ Sauce
Ranch Dressing

A few of the online recipes suggested chopped tomatoes, cheese, and a few other ingredients, but I wanted to keep it as close to the Panera salad as possible, and these were the main ingredients I remember for their salad.

The step that takes the longest is grilling the chicken breasts.  We were surprised that we didn’t need to marinade them in anything but basically you just grill them for about 5-6 minutes on each side (or until the juices run clear).  While Greg was grilling the chicken, I got the rest of the salad ready.  Essentially you just throw everything together…

Mix 1 part Ranch to 1 part BBQ Sauce (we did 1/2 cup for both but could have done 1/4 cup of both and still had left overs)….

Cut up the grilled chicken….

Throw the chicken on top, drizzle with the dressing mix, and add the tortilla chip pieces.  As you can see below, Greg and I had preferences when it came to a few things in the salad.   I didn’t want the beans and he didn’t want the tortilla strips….so we each had our own special salads 🙂

It was very tasty….you should give it a whirl sometime!


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friday funny….

Greg has been working from home more frequently so on the days he is here, we usually sit in the family room, both on our computers doing our own thing…from time to time I ask him a question or he makes a comment about something.

But today was different…today as we were sitting on our respective couches I heard Greg giggling….I looked up and he was just laughing and smiling.  I waited till he looked up to find out what that was about….he told me he just watched a video of a Japanese game show where the players were wearing binoculars and playing soccer.  I didn’t really get why that was so funny so he called me over to his couch and showed me the video.

And boy did I get quite the chuckle.  Check it out for yourself….

Hope that gave you a little giggle!

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mrs. clean

I spent all afternoon doing a pretty heavy duty cleaning job (yes this is what I chose to do on my lazy summer afternoon), so I’ve got cleaning on my mind!

It’s interesting because, in the past, I have always been so hyper about having chores schedules created and posted for all to see…I think it was just my “teacher brain” surfacing so that everyone had a job, everyone knew their job, and everyone could be responsible for their job.

Before Greg and I got married, the topic of household duties came up somewhere…I really don’t remember where.  It could have been premarital counseling or perhaps just in a casual convo between us or friends.  Regardless, I half jokingly (but half pretty seriously) said that I would need to create a chore chart for us so that we take turns doing jobs…and so that I, because I’m sexist and figured guys don’t care or think about doing chores, didn’t get stuck doing all of those things.

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe Greg was capable of doing those things, or that he didn’t care to help…I just always thought “cleaning” or “upkeep” in the house didn’t occur to most men.  Again, sorry to generalize…it’s just what I assumed after visiting several male residences in my day.

Anyway.  When we originally talked about it, since it was only half serious, I never really did anything about it.  We got married, and life as “roommates” began.  And it was miraculous how smoothly we each took responsibility for various chores around the house.  It somehow just happened.  We never really talked specifically about it (Greg do this…Tina do that..) but rather we both knew things we were good at, or didn’t mind doing, and just starting doing them.

It’s been pretty great to have that shared responsibility.  Because while I am sexist about guys and their inability to think about cleaning, I am not sexist about the idea that girls should do all the cleaning.  Not at all 🙂  Here’s a little run down of how we’ve split up the duties….


Trash and Recycling--Greg takes out the trash almost all the time…there are the occasions when the trash bag is full and he’s not there, so of course I take it out….but I admit, I have left numerous recycling items on the counter for him to take out….opppsie. 🙂

This trash was just after moving in with roommates many years ago...

Cooking–Thank God Greg doesn’t mind cooking.  Cause I really don’t care for it.  I really thought that once we got married and I had someone to cook for, I would enjoy it more…but that hasn’t happened yet.  It’s just not fun to me.  It takes too much time and planning (when do I boil the water, and when do I throw the rolls in, oh and the sauce is bubbling over now…ah!).  I just haven’t inherited that domestic trait from my mom.  I’ll give it a whirl from time to time, but Greg likes it….so I let him take that one over for a majority of the meals.

Mowing–I mentioned in a post months ago that Greg wants to be a “lawn” guy…like he really wants to watch his lawn grow and flourish, so mowing it and taking care of it is part of that.  I used to take turns mowing my lawn at my last house and I actually didn’t mind it.  So I have been known to mow the lawn here from time to time (especially since I’m on summer vacay and I have time)…but for the most part, The Mr. has it under control!

Vacumming–I’m not sure how this chore became Greg’s….but it is!  He is a master with the vacuum and I am always so excited to see the pretty vacuum lines in the carpet.  We have several rooms in our house that we don’t even enter…the vents are closed, the doors are shut…we pretend like they don’t exist.  But regardless of our lack of using those rooms, Greg gets so into his vacuuming that he takes it for a spin through those rooms nearly every week!


Bathrooms–I have never really minded cleaning a bathroom….some people think it’s super gross, but I don’t mind.  Don’t get me wrong…if it was someone else’s bathroom I would probably hate it.  But it’s my bathroom and I know the people using those bathrooms pretty well, so I don’t get gaggy or anything.

Kitchen–I actually love cleaning the kitchen.  There is such a process for me and I get into such a groove that to me it’s all about checking things off the list:  spray down counters, wipe clean, spray with water, wipe, clean stove top, sweep the floor, Swifter the floor, etc. etc.  I think the other reason I don’t mind at all is because I’m kind of crazy with the daily cleanings so it never gets out of control and the weekly, hardcore cleaning is pretty quick and easy!

Dishes–Greg does the cooking, I do the dishes!  Again it worked out pretty well for us because Greg enjoys cooking and I enjoy doing the dishes….but, I have been known to clear the dishes from in front of Greg before he was completely done.  Woopps!

Dishes from same house with roommates, many moons ago!

Laundry–Another thing I thoroughly enjoy.  I know, you think I’m crazy.  I honestly live for the moment when I know every piece of clothing is cleaned, folded, and put away.  This happens once a week and lasts for maybe 30 minutes….but those few moments are just precious to me.  Seriously.  🙂  I will admit that I don’t like folding socks….but I either bat my eyes at Greg and he does them, or I just suck it up and do those as well.

There are plenty of other things that come up when it comes to upkeep around the house, but those are the basic weekly chores that have beautifully, and peacefully fallen into each of our hands.  It’s pretty great how this happened because I am a freako about keeping a clean house.

And almost on cue the dryer buzzed….time to fold the laundry!


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