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fall. autumn. fall.


It’s that lovely time of the year.

The time when the air feels crisp and fresh…the time when the shorts go away and sweaters come out…the time when you want to cuddle with a blanket rather than throwing it off…the time when the colors change.

Fall.  Autumn.  Fall.

I love this time of year.  But I love most times of the year (except the winter….which dominates most of the year) so I can’t say that it’s my FAVORITE, but I do love it a lot.  You know what else I love about this time of the year?  That I actually have decorations to put out for this lovely seasons….and the best news is that I think The Mr. loves the decorations almost as much as I do….. 🙂

Check out some of the decorations upstairs….

And how about downstairs….

And there you have it folks….the lovely decor that is gracing our house for the next 2ish months.  Ahhhhh! 


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one word wednesday


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sick lady

I wasn’t feeling the greatest on Friday evening when my dear friend Laurie was over and I jokingly said to her, “Maybe I’ll feel really crummy on Monday so I can have a sick day…”  We giggled and went about the rest of our girl talk.

However a few hours later the giggling about getting a sick day turned into a miserable night of shivering, aches, and a fever.  I went to bed with a fever of about 101 and then woke up in the middle of the night completely overheated and blazin’ hot.  I took my temperature and it was just over 103 degrees so I quickly threw off the blankets but shivered the rest of the night and just felt crummy.

Greg was out of town and was scheduled to arrive back home around 11:30 on Saturday morning….my fever and chills turned into an extremely sore throat so I thought about running over to the Minute Clinic to get a strep test but then decided to wait for Greg.  I was feeling crummy and I wanted the company.  A few minutes after Greg got back we headed to the clinic and this is where the story gets really interesting…

The nurse swabbed my throat (HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE feeling) and I started feeling nauseous because I was gagging from the q-tip down my throat.  The nauseous feeling turned into dizzy and light-headed as she was trying to get a good reading on my blood pressure.  Within a few tries of her trying to read my BP I knew I was going to pass out, so I told her…I laid back in the chair and the last thing I remember is her asking who was here with me…I told her Greg, and then I blacked out.  It wasn’t for very long, but in the time that I was out I had what felt like some weird LOST-like dreams (that simply means we’ve been watching way too much of that show) and then I saw Greg’s face and felt him holding my hand and I heard the nurse calling 911.

Before I knew it there were 2 firemen, a police office, and 2 paramedics all filing into the small clinic room.  By this time I was feeling much better, and things were clear in my head…they had me lay down for a bit, took some vitals and then recommended that I go to the ER.  The reason being was this:  Strep throat made my temperature soar….the high temperature dehyrated me….the dehydration lead to super low blood pressure…and the low blood pressure lead to me passing out.  They wanted me to go to the ER to get some fluids to re-hydrate me and to monitor my blood pressure.

Greg felt ok driving me to the ER (and I couldn’t even stand the thought of an ambulance bill) so we drove over, and got check in.  Within minutes they had an IV in my arm, were drawing blood, and had fluids starting.  It was really a pretty big ordeal for something that should have been so easy (strep test).  But after a few hours of fluids being pumped through my arm, and a much better BP (still not perfect, but much better) they sent me home….with only this bracelet (and the anticipation of a hospital bill) in hand:

I rested at home on Saturday evening and all day Sunday….I drank lots of fluids, took my Strep Meds, and napped several times.  It really wasn’t a very fun experience (and it’s not still all the way over…since I need to do another test to monitor my low blood pressure) but I was happy to have Greg with me and to have the opportunity to just lay low.  Greg was a saint and waited on me hand and foot….he was by my side the whole weekend, cooking meals, forcing me to drink water, getting my meds, and making a DQ run to soothe my poor little throat….

Look at all those sprinkles….he even worked his magic at DQ and was able to get “extra sprinkles” for me since that was my big request (probably bad request cause the sprinkles hurt my throat)….


So yes, I did get my sick day, and lots of ice cream….the only 2 good things about being a sick lady!

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this is for you, mrs. mohr

usually if kids bring me something from home it’s an old mushy apple (that they had probably forgotten to eat days ago at lunch), or a picture that they drew, or some old Halloween Candy that their mom was throwing out, but they convinced her that I would want…it’s always so sweet when they think of me but last Friday I got the best little treat…

….and it came in the form of a Coca Cola Classic.  Ahhhhhh!  In the last year or so, my soda of choice has become a nice cold Coke.  I don’t drink it often, but when I do, I am one happy gal.

So, one of my students from last year randomly stopped in my room before school started and pulled this out of her backpack….she just smiled and said “HERE!” and then ran off.  My mouth literally dropped to the floor because I was just so thankful for her simple kindness and that her simple kindness was a COKE.  I sent her a little thank you note because it was so sweet of her to think of me and said “how did you know that Coke is my favorite??”  Honestly, I said that because I was secretly hoping it would encourage her to bring me another 🙂

Either way, I tucked this bad boy away in my teaching back and took it home for dinner that night….I didn’t want to down it at work because I wanted to have something to look forward to….

And boy did I enjoy it….

Thanks, Erica!

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Minneapolis Greek Festival

Greg and I had date night at the Minneapolis Greek Festival last weekend.  It was fun….we walked around, enjoyed the aroma of the food, gobbled up some gyros, savored some sweet treats, and listened to the music.  It was a gorgeous evening in Minneapolis which made it even more fun to experience some of my “roots”  (Yes, I’m a little Greek).  This post doesn’t need too much commentary, so enjoy taking a look at our evening through pictures….

Yummm....6 HUGE Kourabiedes

Such a clear, still evening....

Inside the beautiful church...

people enjoying the lovely music....

Can you believe that backdrop?! I can't get enough of it!

Fun evening!  We’ll definitely go back next year!

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one word wednesday



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birthday boy.

Yesterday was the Mr’s birthday.

He joined the 28 Club…THANK GOODNESS.  I like it much better when we’re the same ago….and I’m not a “year” older than him (thankfully that’s only for a month and a half a year).

I don’t want to get too mushy on here because I’d rather him just enjoy the words that I wrote in his card, for himself….but I can’t help and share some of the MANY reasons (these ones will be the light-hearted, non-mushy gushy ones) I am so glad he was born…

*A silly thing to start with, but I love that Greg likes to bust some dance moves from time to time.  It truly makes my heart smile…and makes me want to dance even more.

*Greg likes to be playful…there are numerous occasions that he has been known to chase me around the house…just the two of us…and every time something like that happens we laugh our hinnies off!

*Greg can easily make people laugh…especially me.  I find myself constantly giggling when I’m around him.

*Greg loves many foods that I love…pizza, burgers, Velveta Shells and Cheese….match made in Heaven!

*Greg shares my sentiment regarding dogs and pets in general…NOT FOR US.

*Greg sucks it up and goes to Target with me….and even though he doesn’t love it, he is as interested as he can be, and then after his 10 minutes of interest have expired, he vocalizes his need to be done….

Anyway, I could say a million more things I love about Greg….but the truth is that more than anything, I am just so thankful that he was born and that I somehow managed to wander into his life…Happy Birthday Greg!!!

And no birthday would be complete without some neon blue frosted cupcakes….

And in case you wanted to see a few more close-up pictures of those jumbo cupcakes, want no more…

Cheers to the birthday boy!  And yes, we plan to eat all 12 of the jumbo cupcakes to ourselves…..kidding, we shared…some 🙂

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