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one word wednesday



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one word wednesday





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product rave

I’m not typically the kind of gal that gets all crazy over  products (well, except nailpolish….but you already knew that)…I mean makeup is makeup, shampoo is shampoo, and lotion is lotion to me.

However, last night I went into a new store down the road called Patina.  It’s a cute little boutique/shop that has a bunch of random but lovely things.  One thing they have lots of is candles…TONS.  I love smelling candles but there were so many I just randomly sniffed a few, not all of them.  But the first one I sniffed I fell IN LOVE WITH!  On my gosh.  It’s a candle called Moonflower by Thymes and it’s simply magical.

I think I scared Greg with my reaction to the smell of the candle.  It was the most soothing, lovely, interesting, and perfect smelling candle ever.  It was 25 bucks at the store so I didn’t buy it but I really wanted to.  I kept walking but continued thinking about it.  So before we left we went back so I could write down the name and the info and look for it cheaper online.

In the process of writing down the info I noticed a whole line of other Moonflower products….bubble bath, hand soap, bath salts, body lotion, and hand cream.  Whhhhat?  I was so excited that there was a tester and I tried out the hand cream.  It was magnificent.  That’s really the only way I can describe it.  I told Greg I was going to stop by this shop every day on my way home from work to use some of their tester lotion so I can enjoy the smell without paying for it.  Obviously I won’t do that, but if I could, I would.

So I love the candle, but I love the hand cream even more because the smell goes with you.  I put it on at around 8:00 pm and I could faintly smell it this morning when I woke up….I even washed my hands (though I will admit, I tried to wash lightly so I didn’t take off all the smell).  I caught myself sniffing my hands all night while we were watching LOST and while I was working on a project.  How weird is that.  How crazy did I just get in a matter of a few seconds when strolling by these products?!  Yikes.

Anyway, if you have extra money, check out these products online (I found some at amazon and ebay) and get some for yourself…heck, feel free to get some for me!


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the conversations i hear…

Being a 2nd grade teacher is great….not only can the kids tie their shoes and wipe their noses (well…for the most part), they also have much more interesting conversations.  Teaching 1st grade, listening to the conversations were great because they made absolutely no sense half the time…but in 2nd grade they are even better because they make sense and there is zero filter.

Here are just a few examples….

Parent Helper is in our room and helping students at their desks, and therefore leaning down with a lower cut shirt….
Student:  Why do I see your private parts?
Parent Helper:  Because you’re looking the wrong way…

Student:  My parents didn’t really choose to get married…they were forced.  Their parents had meetings and then they got married.

Students:  Do you have babies?  Are you excited to have babies?  It’s ok if you don’t have them yet…you just got married…and it takes a while to have babies…

Student:  My mom wanted to marry my dad but my dad didn’t want to marry my mom…but then dad’s friend told him mom was nice and then he wanted to marry mom but she didn’t want to marry him.  But now they’re married

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party recap

So we had our little Halloween bash over the weekend and it was a success!

It was super laid back, and we had things wrapped up by 11pm (which is more and more common these days when we hang out with friends…everyone is tired so much earlier than before:)).

We didn’t have any games planned, we didn’t have a costume contest planned, we didn’t really have anything planned but food and drinks.  I think it worked out great because people were able to kind of just come and go as they pleased, it was less work for us, and we didn’t feel pressured to certain activities…we just let the night play out!

Check out some of the pics…


Happy Halloween from Mr. and Mrs. Owl 🙂

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