To Find out Genders…or Not

So, I decided that since there are several things that we’ll be contemplating over the next few months, that I’d share my personal thoughts on them in a weekly or bi-weekly (we’ll see how many of these I can write without falling asleep) post called “To ____, or Not.”  Keep in mind, I’m not trying to write about what I think is right for everyone…I’ll solely be sharing my thoughts on what we have decide is right for us and our babies!

With that said, my first post will be:  To Find out Genders….or Not

Most of you that have been reading weekly have probably already guessed that we WANT to find out the gender for our babies!

Here’s a few of the reasons why we decided this….

1.  I am the least patient person when it comes to a surprise…the weeks before Christmas or birthdays are horrible…I ask Greg constantly if he wants to tell me what he got me.  Of course, if I absolutely had to, I could wait…but since we have the opportunity to find out, I’m all about it!

2.  I am a planner.  If I had to wait until the day I gave birth to find out the genders, I would probably break out into hives from not knowing…do I need pink blankets, or blue blankets…do I need ruffles, or do I need stripes.  You get the point.  I want to have clothes ready and waiting for these babies and knowing their gender obviously helps with that.

3.  I still believe we get to experience the surprise element.   My view is that regardless of WHEN you find out the gender of your baby, you are going to be surprised.  Why not get the surprise a few months earlier than their birthday?!  I’m going to be just as surprised when I find out on Friday as I would be if I found out once they decide to join the world.

4.  We will be able to think more seriously about names.  If we didn’t find out the genders till they were born, we’d have to come up with 4 names to have handy…and for us, that’s just too much of a task to take on….we’ll be lucky if we can come up with two names!  Plus once we’ve determined the genders, and determined the names, I feel like it becomes much more personal….being bale to talk to the babies using their names!  Oh, I can’t wait!

There you have it, folks….why we plan to find out the genders of our babies!!!


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One response to “To Find out Genders…or Not

  1. Mom

    Although I never had the chance to find out before you were born, I may not have even if I could just because I kind of like surprises. BUT having said that, I can definitely agree with you on points 1, 2 and 3! And to be honest, I am THRILLED that you ARE finding out early!!!! This way I can plan on cute little things to make the babies too!!! Give me a call as soon as you know!!!!! Grandma Ventura

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