one word wednesday…plus a few more



Ok, I know I am supposed to stick to one word on Wednesdays….but this picture deserves a few more words.

I just finished up a full day of teaching followed by 5 hours of conferences.  Normally these days are brutal….but being pregnant, this day was beyond brutal….My body just ached and ached as I walked in the door after my 13+ hour day…I was hungry….I didn’t know if I should lay down first, eat first, or cry first.  Plain old exhausted.

Greg helped me into bed and asked what I wanted to eat….I knew I had to have raspberries and scrambled eggs.  A few minutes later this is what I was presented with….hence the word for this post….sweetness!

I know everyone says they have the best husband, but I truly feel so blessed to have a husband who loves me and takes care of me so well!




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2 responses to “one word wednesday…plus a few more

  1. ede

    aww, eddie! 🙂

  2. Mom

    You ARE blessed and I’m blessed knowing that Greg takes such good care of you!

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