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29 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 29 weeks….Doc said I was measuring 34 weeks….yowza!

Total weight gain: Went to the doctor on Wednesday and I am up 23 pounds since being pregnant!  23 seems like a lot because it’s mostly in an isolated spot, but at the same time, I have only gained 3 pounds in the last almost 2 months…so, I guess in that respect it doesn’t seem like a TON.  But I am anticipating that the next several weeks will be time to pack on the pounds!

Maternity clothes?  Yes….when I want to look decent.  Otherwise I wear a combination of clothes that are mine (and way too small) and clothes that are Greg’s (that fit me around the belly but way too big everywhere else).  It’s kind of nice not having to think about what to wear in the mornings, being on bed rest, but at the same time, I have several cute dresses that I bought and have yet to wear.  Maybe someday I’ll just put real clothes on, just for the heck of it!

Stretch marks?  No… I’m gonna go ahead and cross my fingers that it’s not gonna happen….maybe wishful thinking 🙂

Sleep:   Just as things started to seem decent in the sleep department, they just as quickly became not so great.  We have resorted to sleeping in separate rooms 😦  Obviously it’s not because we want to be away from one another, but I know that Greg needs to sleep so he can go to work…and I am the one who is keeping him up (he’s not keeping me up, by any means) so we decided a few nights a week we’ll take separate beds.  It’s been fine and Greg is at least getting a few good nights of sleep.  I, on the other hand, sleep pretty well at night, other than needing to get up to pee….I mean, I don’t hear myself snoring, so I sleep pretty well!

Signs of Labor:  Well, things seem to be fairly calm over here.  There are days/times when I tend to notice contractions more often….but I usually find that it’s after I’ve been up for longer than I should….and that’s my own fault.  I think I’ve felt better, overall, so I try to do a little bit too much at times.  When we went to the doctor she said that things looked pretty good (I won’t get technical and gross you all out) so that’s really what we were hoping for!  I will continue to have weekly appointments to make sure things continue to stay the same.

Best moment this week:  Hmmmmm.  My days are usually exactly the same:  sleep, wake up, read, watch tv, sleep, eat, etc.  So I can’t say that any one thing stands out to me this week.  But, actually, maybe getting out of the house on Saturday afternoon was the best moment.  We had planned a BabyMoon “staycation” here in Minneapolis at a hotel downtown (before all this contraction stuff started happening)….we booked a hotel room and planned to roam around downtown, get dinner, etc.  Since I can’t really be on my feet that much, we contemplated canceling…but then we realized it would be a good change of scenery to go to the hotel and hangout there.  So we didn’t get to do all the other fun things the city has to offer, but at least we got out of the house for an evening!  That was the best!

Don't worry...I was laying down the whole time we were at the hotel!

Miss Anything?   Being productive.  I really do miss being able to make a list of several things I need to do, and then spending an evening, or a day getting them done.  I hear everyone say to soak up this time of rest and relaxation….and I truly am….but I still miss accomplishing more than naps and watching tv! 

Movement: Movers and shakers in there.  I always feel badly because I am supposed to be laying on my side for the majority of my time and every time I lay on my side, I can feel the little nuggets wiggling and pushing as if to say “Hey mom, we’re in here….get off of us…”  Supposedly they are just fine in there and have lots of cushion, but I still feel badly because they obviously have a reaction when I lay on my side.  Not only do I feel badly for them, but for myself too!  When I lay on my side, they always seem to start playing with my ribs….and its such an odd/uncomfortable feeling.  Don’t get me wrong…its fantastic to feel them squirming in there….it’s just bizarre, at times, where and how I feel them!

Food cravings:  Water!  As odd as that sound…I can’t get enough water!  I want to drink it all the time!  Greg always asks me what I want to drink for meals and whatnot….and I usually can’t think of anything I’d rather have than water.  I guess that’s not a bad thing!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  The nasty drink for the glucose test (for gestational diabetes).  ICK ICK ICK!  I did the one hour test and thought that was horrible…well then I ended up needing to go in for the three hour test and that one was 10 times worse.  It was almost the exact same taste as the orange liquid medicine that we took as kids for a stuffy nose.  When I was a kid I loved it…but I remember a distinct time where I had to take it and thought it was horrid.  The reason I loved it as a kid was because it tasted like pure sugar.  And then at some point I outgrew that and the pure sugar taste was not to great anymore.  Well, the 3 hour glucose test drink was a whole glass of nasty orange sweetness and I felt as though I could vomit.  Not only does it taste horrible, but you have to drink it on an empty stomach….and you can’t eat or drink for 3 hours after you drink the juice….so no food, plus a glass full of sugar drink, plus waiting 3 more hours to eat….UGH.  That did make me very queasy!

Fruit/Veggie Size:  Acorn Squash….again, whatever that is!   Babies are getting a little cramped in there, since they are growing so fast which explains all those jabs and kicks.  They are growing white fat deposits under their skin, and their energy is surging because of it.

Symptoms:  Having to pee.  ALL. THE. TIME.  I seriously can’t even believe how often I have to pee.  It’s crazy!   I pee before I get into bed and then we usually read for a half hour or something before we turn off the lights, and I almost always have to pee again before turning off the lights…I would imagine it has something to do with all the water I am drinking and the two Acorn Squashes on my bladder 🙂

Belly Button in or out?   Same old, same old.  I wonder if it’s ever going to FULLY pop out since it’s been about the same for so long now…..I’m fine if it’s decides to never fully pop out!

Wedding rings on or off?  One on, one off!

Mood This Week:  A little slugish….a little anxious….I think the fact that I am laying around all day makes me just feel a little BLAH….and since I am laying around all day it gives me plenty of time to over think things, and let my mind go wild….to help combat that a little, we made a “Baby Countdown” chart to keep track of days…our first goal is to get to 32 weeks….then 34…..then 37.  That helps a lot with knowing that it’s very manageable to get to those points, even though it doesn’t feel like it at times!

Looking forward to:  Seeing some friends this week!  My dear, former roommate Laurie is coming to stay with me a few nights while Greg is out of town which will be great!  I also get to see some friends from work, and hopefully a few others this week!  It’s hard to have people over and feel like I can’t host or entertain, but at this point, I am just so thankful that they are willing to come over, it doesn’t even matter if I’m not looking or feeling my best!


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Behind the Camera–Part 1

One thing that I keep hearing people say is:  Lets see a full length picture of you….legs, and head included.

To which I say:  You are just wondering how swollen my face is, and how chunky my thighs have gotten…

Kidding.  I know none of you are saying that out loud…..but I wouldn’t doubt if that’s what some of you are saying in your head…come on, I would be saying that if I only got to see a cropped photo of a very big bellied pregnant lady!

The truth is, by the time I get around to taking my weekly photo, I am usually already ready for bed.  So that means my hair is a mess, my glasses are on, my makeup is off, and I probably have indecent clothing covering my legs, so it’s not blog friendly.

A few weeks ago, however, I did take a few “full length” shots so all you curious readers can see my mug and legs 🙂

Again, keep in mind this was probably about 4-6 weeks ago….so my belly has probably tripled in size since these pictures were taken, but I think for the most part, the rest of me looks pretty close to the same!

There you have it!  Now all of you wondering can stop worrying your pretty little minds and rest easy knowing what I look like from head to toe!  Another “Behind the Camera” post will be coming up next week….for those curious about how I take my weekly belly pictures!


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To Share the Names…or Not

To share the names….or not.  That is the question.

We actually decided (probably before even being pregnant) that we would definitely want to find out the genders and share that with everyone, but that we wanted to keep the names a surprise.  I know everyone does it a little differently….some people share their future baby’s name before they are even pregnant, some people share after the baby is born.  Here’s a little list of our reasoning behind NOT sharing…

To Share:

  • People can start calling babies by name.
  • We don’t have to keep a secret.
  • Our babies’ names are out there so no one thinks we’re copying them.

Not to Share:

  • People giving you their {negative} opinion about a name you like.
  • People comparing the baby to someone else with that name, before the baby is even born.
  • Having a surprise to share with people after 9 months of waiting.
  • Dramatic affect….and we are talking about me, here….I like dramatic!

So as you can see it wasn’t like “Not to Share” was that much stronger of a candidate than “To Share”….but we really do like the element of surprise, and the element of not dealing with other people’s opinions….I mean, who can tell you that you picked a horrible name when they see a baby attached to it?  No one….with a heart at least 🙂

Some days I really want to share the names (yes….we FINALLY figured out the names….well, I take that back….we still need to figure out a middle name for the little lady) because it would be fun to just tell people….but I am even more excited to share the names once the babies pop out!  Gives me something to look forward to….aside from the babies arriving, of course 🙂

So until then….mums the word.  I am hoping and praying I do not slip and accidentally say them one of these days.


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28 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 28 weeks

Total weight gain: Good question.  I should really pay attention to that more…but I always forget (conveniently) to find a scale.

Maternity clothes?  I’ve taken over some of Greg’s wardrobe in the last week or so.  Namely his big, comfy sweatpants.  They are so, so great….not restricting at all.  These days if I don’t HAVE to be dressed up, you will find me in a large t-shirt and very large sweatpants.

Stretch marks?  Nada!

Sleep:   I just asked Greg this morning how he has been sleeping….and actually, I think the last few days have been fairly good sleep for both of us.  Either we’re both extremely tired (more on that later) or I’m just learning how to sleep uncomfortably, a little bit better.  I don’t know how long it will last…but we’ll take it!

Signs of Labor:  Yup.  Had a pretty big scare this week on Tuesday evening.  I was home from work and had been noticing several contractions.  After a while it was getting to the point where I couldn’t block it out, so I decided to start keeping track of them.  This has happened a few times before, but usually if I drink some water and lay down for a while, the contractions would go away.  This time, they weren’t.  We called the Nurse Line and they transferred us to the hospital…and after asking a bunch of questions, they told us they would like us to come in and be monitored.  So to the hospital we went, not really knowing what to expect.  I figured it would be a few hours of tests, but I assumed we’d be back home that night.  Once I got to the hospital, they got me set up on all the monitors and did determine that I was indeed experiencing contractions.  And it was to the point where they wanted to do a few other tests and give me some drugs before letting me go home.  One of the tests detects some hormone or SOMETHING (I truly don’t even know) that indicates if your body is going into labor.  Apparently this test has a greater than 95% accuracy rate, so getting the results back from that test were important.  Thankfully, it came back negative, which meant that the test didn’t detect I would be having the babies within the next two weeks.  They also wanted to give me a shot of steroids that would help the babies lungs in case the test would have come back with different results….they said it was just like an insurance policy, for worst case scenario!  Finally, they gave me a shot of some drugs that were supposed to tell my uterus to stop contracting.  Because they wanted to see how this worked, they kept me overnight.  Greg and I got settled into a room with a very uncomfortable bed (for me) and tried to sleep Tuesday night in between nurses coming in.  Wednesday morning, things had slowed down considerably in the department of contractions, but not completely.  They decided to give me another type of drug that is taken orally and that also helps with contractions and then wanted to monitor me throughout the rest of the day.  It turns out I needed to have a second dose of the steroids 24 hours after the first (so very late Wednesday night) and by that point, they wanted to keep me till Thursday morning.  Thursday around lunch time we were finally able to be discharged with some oral medication to take home, as well as orders for bed rest.  The doctors felt that the contractions were under control enough that it was safe to let me leave.  I will go in on Wednesday to be checked again and then the following week as well.  It was quite a stressful and scary experience because at 27 weeks and some days the last thing you want to think about is the possibility of having the babies.  We are so thankful that my body has responded to the medication and that things are looking really good right now.

Best moment this week:  Coming home from the hospital!  We were really well taken care of, but it really was not fun being in the hospital….I know that if I had to have stayed in longer, I could have done it….but I was just so happy when I got home and was able to be a bit more comfortable in my own surroundings!  OH, and when I got my new, white iPad!!!!  Have you ever heard of a “Push Present?”  Essentially it’s a gift that dad’s go out and get for their baby’s mama after pushin’ the kid out.  I jokingly told a friend that I wanted an iPad for a Push Present and then several months later Greg and I talked about getting an iPad just because we wanted to get one.  Well, we got one today and it came at a great time….it wasn’t after I pushed the babies out, but after I went through the scariness of the hospital.

Miss Anything?   A clear nose.  I think I have mentioned this before, but oh my….my nose is stuffy all the time.  And it’s not like I don’t blow it…I think we have gone through more tissue in the last few months than our whole marriage.  Ah well!

Movement: Every time the babies move they remind me of a new animals.  Sometimes I picture little fish in there…sometimes they are squirrels….sometimes they are snakes.  Depending on how they move I am always getting a different visual.

Food cravings:  Nothing in particular this week….just sweets.  Wait, I take that back.  Brownies.  I have really been wanting brownies.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.

Fruit/Veggie Size:  Rutabaga….whatever that is 🙂  Babies are  starting to develop more fat, so their wrinkly skin will start to get smoother.  Their lungs are mature enough that they would probably survive if she was born now. Wow!

Symptoms:  I can’t think of anything new to report.

Belly Button in or out?  It’s a little more out.  When I’m laying down (which is all the time, now) it seems about the same, but when we got home from the hospital and I wore real clothes, I could see that my belly button was sticking out a bit more.  Gross.  🙂

Wedding rings on or off?  One on, one off!

Mood This Week:  Thankful.  I am so thankful for the protection of the babies (and myself) over the last few days.  Also very thankful for the support and love that so many people have shown us.  It’s amazing to know what kind of support we have!

Looking forward to:  My doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  As much as I didn’t like being at the hospital, it was nice being at the hand of so many doctors….so going in on Wednesday will be nice just to confirm that everything is continuing to go well and that nothing has changed in terms of the pre-term labor scare.

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27 Week Bumpdate

**Warning**  If you are my brother or anyone else who may be uncomfortable seeing my bare belly (and a sports bra….YIKES) please be prepared to scroll past the “Stretch Marks” section of this post.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya 🙂

How far along? 27 weeks

Total weight gain: Not sure….my belly makes me think I’ve gained about more 30 pounds….but I really have no idea.  That’s probably better at this point!

Maternity clothes?  Yes!  I did another “maternity” type thing regarding apparel this weekend, too….for those of you who are on FB with me, I did the unthinkable (for me)…I traded in my sandals and cute flats for tennis shoes…Nooooo!  Some people can really pull of tennis shoes…but those people are the sporty, athletic type.  I am neither.  So generally I just don’t wear tennis shoes.  I mean I don’t mind tennis shoes…when I’m at the gym,  But by the end of the week, my feet were not happy with me (nor was my back), so I vowed to wear my tennis shoes all weekend when going out.  Don’t let this fool you…I will be back to cute{r} footwear on Monday!

Stretch marks?  Nope.  And to commemorate, I decided to take a bare belly picture.  I was thinking today how someday I would probably want to see/remember my belly (sans a shirt) during the pregnancy….and while I’m still blessed enough to have no stretch marks, I figured I better take a picture of the bad boy (belly)….I contemplated sharing this on my blog because, well….it’s my bare belly.  But then I realized I wouldn’t hesitate to share a picture of myself at the beach with some friends or whatever….and a big ol’ baby belly is much more meaningful than just my normal stomach on the beach.  So, I’m going to share.  Plus it’s my blog…and this is really more for me and my little family (Greg + babies) than anyone else….so if you don’t like it….well, close your browser window now!  Oh and don’t be fooled….you can see some lines on my belly  on the baby girl’s side….they are just veins….and you can see them because my skin is being so stinkin’ stretched 🙂

Sleep:   Not too bad this week.  I think I have hit the point of pure exhaustion (wait, didn’t I hit that about 27 weeks ago?) that I am just so tired, I am even starting to sleep through kicking.  Granted when I feel the kicking, it somehow turns into a weird dream which eventually wakes me up….but the point is I’m dealing with it better these days.  I obviously can’t say sleep is great….but I’m coping!

Best moment this week:  Greg and I have been reading to the babies before we go to sleep…well, Greg has been the designated reader since they hear my sorry voice all day long.  Anyway, Greg traveled most of the week and as we were video chatting before bed the other night I said something like “too bad you didn’t take a book with you to read via the webcam…”  and just as I said it Greg pulled out a book (literally from what seemed like thin air) and said, “I did bring a book…”  I was so surprised and so happy, and just loved that he thought to do that!  It really warmed my heart!

Miss Anything?   Being able to sit up close to the table.  I seriously make more of a mess these days than the average 2 year old.  My belly gets in the way and I just seem to drop food right and left.  At school there is one table that is the right height where if I lean down and my belly hangs off the chair, I can be right up to the table (And actually it does wonders for stretching my back)….but most other places I can’t get close enough to, and look like a complete mess once meal time is done! 

Movement: Babies continue to move around like crazy.  I told Greg a while back that I couldn’t wait till I felt the babies ALL. THE. TIME.  And now that I feel them ALL. THE. TIME. I will say that it still puts a smile on my face and makes me giggle whenever I feel them bouncing around in there.  Now, I can’t say that it’s always super comfortable, or that there are times when it’s less convenient (ummmm, can we say sleepy time)….but it really is pretty great.

Food cravings:  Famous Dave’s.  Mmmmmmm.  I am cravin’ some good BBQ!  Good thing Greg has already agreed to Famous Dave’s for date night this week!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not this week.  Except for when I found a bag of rotting potatoes (this is the 2nd time that’s happened….I guess I don’t use potatoes fast enough).  But I am pretty sure that smell would have made me queasy regardless of being prego.

Fruit/Veggie Size:  Cauliflowers!!!  No wonder I’m so huge!  Babies are practicing inhaling and exhaling with their rapidly developing lungs.  Also, babies are showing brain activity! And their brains will keep on getting more complex.

Symptoms:  Vision change.  I think I mentioned this a while back, but I finally went into the eye doctor 2 weeks ago to get it checked…mostly because I ran out of contacts and had to.  Anyway, long story short… pregnancy hormones (those blessed little things) have caused my vision to change some, but something in my eye (I can’t remember if it’s the cornea or what) to become inflamed.  Which is making my vision even worse.  Normally, the doc could give me some drugs that would fix the problem and calm down the corneas in like a week and be back to normal….however, he can’t do that since I’m pregnant.  So, the solution:  not wearing contacts.  It’s been 2 weeks and I just had a re-check and he said he wants me to wait at least another 3 weeks and then we’ll check again.  Good news is that the inflammation is getting BETTER, but it’s just taking it’s sweet time!

Belly Button in or out?  About the same….maybe it will never full pop to an outtie.  I would be ok with that.  Either way, the circumference of it seems to be getting bigger by the minute.  It’s huge!

Wedding rings on or off?  Just the sparkly engagement ring for me….and I fear eventually I will have to take that one off all together, too.  We’ll see.

Mood This Week:  Easily annoyed.  I was annoyed with my kids a ton this week at school….I was annoyed with the lady in the grocery store who cut me off….I was annoyed when I thought my coupon would work, and it didn’t.  You get the picture.  I can’t say that it’s pregnancy related annoyance…..or just me being me….but there you have it 🙂

Looking forward to:  My hubby returning home this evening and having him home for a week + before his next trip!!!  I don’t want to turn this post into some major cheese, but every day (and especially so, since we’ve been pregnant) I continue to fall more in love with him  Again….if this makes you gag, so sorry….but get over it, it’s MY BLOG!


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26 Week Bumpdate

Apparently these pictures make me look bigger than I am in person (says my sisters)...I hope they are right 🙂

How far along? 26 weeks

Total weight gain: I haven’t weighed myself since I was at the doctor last week…soooo…I’m gonna stick with about 20 pounds gained.  However, my stomach is feeling extra heavy these days, so maybe they went through a growth spurt and I have gained more….who knows!

Maternity clothes?  Yup!  I do have one pair of sweat pants that still fit very well and comfortably that I am wearing all the time!  They are almost more comfortable than my maternity pants!

Stretch marks?  None that I can see!

Sleep:   We were on the road for a few days this weekend so sleep wasn’t great….but last night we stayed at a hotel on the way back home and they had the most wonderful, comfortable, king size bed.  Greg barely knew I was next to him….I think we need to invest!

Best moment this week:  A few moments…but they all involved being around friends and family.  We had two showers for the babies this weekend….one in Indianapolis with Greg’s family and friends, and one in Saline with my family and friends….and spending time with everyone definitely filled my happy bucket (as we say in elementary world).  Runner up best moment….arriving home after driving about 24 hours in 3 1/2 days.  Oh I have never been so happy to get out of the car!

Miss Anything?   This week, I’m gonna go with being comfortable in the car.  Usually I am ok on road trips…I mean, I get antsy and bored….but usually comfort isn’t an issue.  This weekend proved that going on a road trip while 6 months pregnant with twins was not the brightest idea.  I wasn’t even really able to help Greg drive because I just couldn’t get comfortable in passenger seat, fully reclined, let alone sitting upright in the driver’s seat. 

Movement: I’m not sure if the babies loved the car ride….or hated it.  One of the two because they were going CRAZY in the car, especially on the way home.  Many times they crawled their way up to my rib cage and camped out there for a while….or just practiced their bicycle peddling against my stomach….I am pretty sure I have bruised my innards…..good thing they are so darn cute 🙂

Food cravings:  Nothing in particular this week.  But I am happy to say that Easter Bunny Mom V delivered me two big bags full of WHITE, PURPLE, and PINK jelly beans….just what I had been wanting!!!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Since we were on the road much of the weekend we stopped at McD’s for a quick breakfast one morning….usually an occasional sausage, egg, and biscuit sandwich would be right up my alley…unfortunately this time it made me feel rather queasy (after the fact)….

Fruit/Veggie Size:  Head of Lettuce!  Babies’ eyes will soon start to open and their eyelashes are now grown!  They are getting their immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up your antibodies.  They are taking breaths, too. They’re of amniotic fluid, not air, but it’s still good practice.

Symptoms:  Heartburn!  Ick.  I’ve noticed this off and on in the 2nd trimester, but it’s a symptom worth mentioning.  It’s not bad enough that I need to take medicine for it….but it’s annoying and really uncomfortable.

Signs of Labor:  I took this part of the update down a few weeks ago because thinking about it stressed me out.  Well now I am putting it back up because I had found myself calling the hospital one evening because I was noticing a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions.  My doctor of course scared me silly when telling me about this at an appointment, so when I started noticing these contractions several times in an hour I didn’t want to mess around.  Long story short, I am ok….and I didn’t need to go into the hospital….they told me it could have been a series of things causing them including…babies going through a growth spurt which made my uterus stretch and contract…it could have been a result of my cervix being checked at an appointment, it could have been a result of too much activity, or a lack of water.  So anyway…after I took it easy for a good day things seemed to be back to normal.  I did notice a ton more than usual while we were driving (talk about more stress) but today has been completely fine.  Hopefully I can take this part back down for next week 🙂

Belly Button in or out?  Same old, same old!

Wedding rings on or off?  Same as last week…just my engagement ring.  I think it’s gonna stay like this!

Mood This Week:  Very blessed!  I was so overwhelmed with how blessed we were this weekend by friends and family.  We drove back a car FULL of gifts and things and I kept thinking, “Wow, we don’t deserve any of this….”  But I kept realizing and being grateful for how many people love our babies already!

Looking forward to:  Being back in my bed/home this week.  I am not looking forward to going back to work after a week of Spring Break, but I am looking forward to being home!  Also looking forward to continuing to organize the babies’ room and get things “in place” for them!  I love this part!!


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25 Week Bumpdate

**Sorry for no photo….I will take one tonight and update this post….I am behind on writing and behind on pictures**

How far along? 25 1/2 Weeks….sorry for the delay in the update this week.  My sister was in town visiting so I didn’t have a chance to get this updated….blame her 🙂

Total weight gain:  I went to the doctor on Tuesday and I was up a total of 20 pounds….so I really haven’t gained too much in the last month.  Which is fine by me 🙂  Especially since the babies are growing and gaining weight!

Maternity clothes?  While my sister was in town we went to the Mall of America and stopped by Old Navy…there were some super cheap (and comfy) t-shirts in the regular clothing section and I HAD to get one or two.  They looked rather large so I was sure a small would fit….then I was sure a medium would fit….and I ended up getting a large.  It is WAY too big right now, but oh, so comfortable….so loose and lightweight….it’s glorious.  I snatched up 2 and have been wearing them ’round the clock 🙂

Stretch marks?  No…although Greg freaked me out the other day when he kept looking at my belly….I asked him what he was looking at and he thought he saw stretch marks…thankfully it was just a mark from laying on the couch funny.  Whew.  Close call 🙂

Sleep:   It’s been fine….but not spectacular….but truthfully, “fine” is ok with me….it’s better than horrible!

Best moment this week:  Well my sister was here visiting and we got to do lots of fun baby stuff (shopping and nursery decorating) which was pretty great…..but we also had our 26 week growth ultrasound.  They check twins again at 26 weeks in the perinatal unit to make sure they are both growing on track and when we went in, everything looked great!!  Babies are both right at 1 1/2 pounds, movin around, happy as clams in there.   It was just so fun to see them again and we even got a good profile shot of little girl (she wasn’t cooperating last time).

Miss Anything?   Getting up easily.  It’s quite the task to get in and out of bed, not to mention off the couch….thankfully my buff husband has arms of steel and we’ve worked out a pretty good system (he extends his arm and I grab on like it’s a pull up bar)….his arms should be nice and toned just in time to hold two babies in a few months!

Movement: They are still movin’ like crazy.  I think the craziest movements I feel are the ones where it’s not just a KICK or a PUNCH but an actual body part….I still don’t know which body parts I’m feeling….but I can definitely feel the difference between a jab and when a baby is rolling around in there.  So crazy!  The other movement I am noticing more and more is a tickling in the rib cage when I lay down.  It feels like they are playing my ribs like a harp from in there and it’s so weird.

Food cravings:  Last week I was craving Doritos!  Worst craving yet.  I did cave and get a bag when I was at the grocery store….but I am proud to report that there is still at least a half a bag….and that was nearly 2 weeks ago!  Hopefully I’ll get back to craving normal, healthy things.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really

Fruit/Veggie Size:  Eggplants!  Babies’ are enjoying their new sense of equilibrium — they now know which way is up and which is down.  They are growing more fat and more hair too!

Symptoms:  EMOTIONAL…I think I have been fairly stable throughout the pregnancy but as of lately everything seems to make me cry.  It’s not a big deal, it’s just funny….cause after the fact I definitely feel like one of those crazy pregnant ladies.

Belly Button in or out?  Again, about the same.  Some moments it looks more out than flat….but it really just depends on how I’m positioned.

Wedding rings on or off? I had to take it off on Sunday….I was in church and all the sudden felt so stressed that it was going to get stuck on my finger….so I went to take it off and it was really, really hard to take it off.  This week I’ve left it off for the most part, sometimes wearing my engagement ring which is not as quite as the wedding band.

Mood This Week:  Pretty exhausted.  I was really ready for Spring Break!

Looking forward to: Seeing friends and family this weekend for showers back home in Indy and Saline!

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