35 Week Bumpdate


How far along? 35 Weeks….who would have thought!? I am so, so happy to be arriving at 35 weeks because truthfully, I didn’t think I’d still be pregnant at this point. And some moments I wish we could get this show on the road, but more of the moments I’m so happy that they’re still cookin!!!

Total weight gain: Well……I had an appointment on Tuesday and one on Friday….Tuesday I had gained a total of 30 pounds, and by Friday I had gained another pound. Wowie! Those numbers keep creepin’ up!

Maternity clothes? Yeah….surprisingly most of my “XS” maternity stuff still fits and some of the “S” that I purchased (thinking I would surely need a bigger size) is too big.

Stretch marks? Yeah. I noticed a few more this week. Oh well. As Greg says, “The more stretch makes you get, the more the babies are growing…” I guess he is right….even though it’s hard to stomach some times. Like I said last week, hopefully once my stomach shrinks a little, the stretch marks will shrink too 🙂 Crossing my fingers.

Sleep: Well. I have compe up with a new system for sleeping based on a couple of really horrible nights. I was up several times, waking up early, hot, uncomfortable, etc. So, I have been getting into bed when Greg gets into bed…and we’ll read or talk until like 10:00 or 10:30. Then I say goodnight to Greg and head down to the basement and watch TV for a few hours. I’ve been going back upstairs between 12 and 1 most nights because that eliminates at least one time I get out of bed (bothering Greg) to go to the bathroom. Once I go to bed (around 1) I usually can then manage to make it until around 6 am, when Greg wakes up, only having gone to the bathroom 2 times. Then I am either awake because they are kicking or because I am not or whatever….but eventually fall back asleep again until around 8. I kind of dread going to sleep….not because I’m not tired….but because it’s just such disruptive sleep it almost seems better to stay awake. Oh, I also added a fan into the process last night….even setting AC to 67 at night was not cool enough for me….so I put a fan right on my face last night and it worked like a charm! I was so coool, it was glorious! I think the plan is to keep up this routine until the babies come….and once they come, just never sleeping 🙂

Signs of Labor: Nothing major! Dilated a bit more from last week but nothing crazy.

Best moment this week: Seeing so many friends!!! I got to see 3 of my roommates from when I lived in South Minneapolis (2 which live out of town, now)…Calleigh, Hilary, and Laurie. Reminiscing about the glory days when we were all wild and crazy (or not:))….I got to hang out with Small Group friends and play the Newly Wed’s game (and WON)….we got to see some of our favorite double dating buddies….and one of my dear, dear college friends, Darcy, is now in town visiting (and staying here). It’s the most social my life has been for many weeks. So fun, and so exhausting at the same time 🙂 Not used to all this interaction!

Miss Anything? Being able to bend down and pick things up. Often times if I drop something I just leave it on the floor until Greg is around and ask him to help….he has found everything from towels, to food, to papers just laying around waiting for his assistance. My belly is just to much in the way to bend down and squatting….oh boy…trying to get back up is quite the task!

Movement: Hmmmm…it’s becoming down right painful. Often times Greg and I will be talking and my face will go from listening intently to sheer pain….I truthfully worry they are going to break my ribs. Most of the day it feels like they are trying to pass a soccer ball back and forth….my bladder being the ball, of course. Love those little kickers, but boy oh boy….I think my stomach is going to be permanently bruised!!!

Food cravings: Burgers. Real Ice Cream. Lots and lots of Strawberries…..

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Fruit/Veggie Size: Coconuts! Nothing super interesting this week other than talking about my son’s testes which I don’t think anyone really wants to do….so I’ll skip that part. However, one interesting fact is that by 35 weeks my uterus has grown about 1,000 times its original size. I didn’t really believe that when I read it….but apparently it’s true. I wonder what that means for me since I have two babies in there and I’m measuring more like 41-42 weeks pregnant. It must be at least 5,000 it’s original size in my case Dang! Oh, and the babies are both right around 4 pounds (estimate from last ultrasound)…I know this picture indicates more, but ours are little peanuts, which is not surprising since there are two in there!

Symptoms: Stretched out stomach muscles….it’s not like I had incredibly strong abs before, but I can tell you that my abs have surely gone out the window as of the last few months. I barely have any use of my abs now….which is obvious when I’m trying to get out of bed, or up from the couch, etc. Quite the sight to see!

Belly Button in or out? Same.

Wedding rings on or off? Same.

Mood This Week: Content. I was telling Greg that now that I’ve reached 35 weeks I feel really OK about the babies coming now….I think if they would have come before now (even last week) I would have felt like someone how I let them down….or my body let me down….something. I’m not sure exactly what I would have felt, but I feel really content now. Knowing that we’ve made it this far, and that by the grace of God, my body has cooperated with me to keep them growin! It’s a really good feeling!

Looking forward to: Being off bed rest in just 1 week, even if I haven’t had the babies yet! Next week marks 36 weeks which is when the doctor will let me off bed rest if I’m still pregnant….which also means I will be allowed to go out for dinner….or glance up and down the Target aisles….to be in any public place other than the Doctor’s office will be such a grand, grand feeling! We’ll see if I get there!



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4 responses to “35 Week Bumpdate

  1. Mama Jenni

    Yay! Hallelujah!
    Ok, so I’m hoping that you get to the 36 week mark so you have an opportunity for one trip to Target or to a restaurant:)

  2. ede

    haaaa! i imagined you dropping some raviolis on the floor and greg coming home to find them there. ha. babies are almost here!!!

  3. Mom

    I hope you get to Target and a wonderful restaurant AND a lake nearby to soak up the sunshine!!! You’ve done such a super SUPER job Tina… oh my goodness! I am so proud of your determination to do everything possible to help the babies get to this point! Way to go mommy!!!

  4. Mom

    Time to start a new blog starring Joshua Edward and Sophia Jane!

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