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one word wednesday


ok, ok…I know this is more than one word….but seeing that I finally shared the birth story for the babes, I figured it was appropriate to share pictures when they were fresh out of the oven!  These pictures are taken just a few hours after they were born…they were so tiny, and look so, so different now!  It’s fun to look back and see how much they have changed.




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babysitter and birthstory

You will see how these two things go together in just a second….

I know what you’re thinking “Whoa….she’s finally updating her blog! It’s taken long enough…” (Ok, I know that not many people read this, and those that do have not been waiting on the edge of their seat for my return:)) Either way, it has been ages since I’ve been on my blog but it has not been far from my mind….every time I have a down moment I think about hopping on here….and then I look around and see the laundry that needs to be folded, or the bottles that need to be washed, or the babies that need to be cuddled. Usually those things win over the blog, unfortunately.

So here I am….at Starbucks….alone. Yeah, that’s right….the babies are at home with a BABYSITTER. OH MY GOSH! How can my tiny little preemies be old enough to be left at home with a babysitter??! Now keep in mind, this “baby-sitter” is a very qualified one…she’s a nurse for goodness sakes…she takes care of kids all the time. She is probably more qualified than I am to watch the babies….but still, the idea of leaving them with “someone” makes my heart ache. I texted Greg after I left and told him I was sad….and he sweetly reminded me that it’s good for me to have some time to myself….to be refreshed a bit….so I can be that much better for my babies when I return. It’s true….but still hard to do. I’m literally a mile down the road, so this barely even qualifies as me “leaving” them with a babysitter, but I’m out of the house…so I’m counting it. The reason I’m telling you all of this is because this is what it takes for me to have a chance to do something as simple as updating my blog. So… we go.

Guess what? I had a couple of babies about 8 weeks ago (what… can it already be 8 weeks ago??)! I’ve been excited to share the birth story (not the gory details, don’t worry) because lots of people have asked how everything went. Plus the details are already foggy, so I will be happy to have my experience semi-recorded here to look back on! Plus it’s 2012….people talk about far grosser things on their blog than how they popped out a couple of kids (again, I will keep it as not-gross as possible!)

Before I can share about the actual birth of the babies, I have to back up to the days leading up. I was going in for appointments 2 times a week by the time I was 34 weeks pregnant. At 34 weeks pregnant the babies were measuring a bit differently in size and so the docs wanted to make sure Baby Girl was staying healthy and strong. So, I had been on Monday (June 11) and Wednesday (June 13) of the week the babies were born. The doctor (both days) told me I was doing great and that not much had changed in dilation or thinning that week….since I was 35 weeks and not much had changed, she gave me the GREEN LIGHT to go ahead and take short walks, go out for dinner with my hubby, organize clothes in the babies’ room…you know, activities that were still pretty minimal. So I took her up on that….it had been WEEKS since I was able to do anything, so I was glad to have some freedom. Of course I didn’t go crazy…even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. I got exhausted so quickly since my body had grown accustom to laying around all day, every day.

Wednesday, June 13th was an especially exciting day for me because one of my best friends was in town which meant that I was going to see not only her, but also another bestie (yes…I have several besties:))….we had a small get together at my house, but I still tried to lounge most of the time. It was so, so fun to see them and spend time with my dear friends. Very refreshing since I had been cooped up in the house for so many weeks….seeing people so infrequently. After such a fun get together I went to bed feeling SO MUCH KICKING and movement, so low in my belly. Basically it felt like Baby Boy was going to kick through his sac of water. Yikes. I went to bed, though….and as usual, slept poorly, getting up often to go to the bathroom, and rotate positions, etc. But the hours in the night sailed by and the next thing I knew I heard Greg’s alarm go off and I heard him getting into the shower. At 7:00 am I was still really sleepy, but in my half asleep, half awake state, I felt a POP. I had to think for a minute if that was in real life or did I dream it. I didn’t have to think long because adrenaline or something kicked in and I bolted out of bed and ran to the bathroom so quickly. Some how I processed that POP with “OH MY GOSH MY WATER BROKE…” So when I got into the bathroom I confirmed that my water had broken and with that I calmly yelled at Greg who was in the shower. I told him my water had broken to which he replied “Ok….I’m going to finish my shower…” WHAT? Finish his shower? I was about to have two babies and you want to finish your shower? He finished his shower. And turns out, it was fine….didn’t have the babies for several more hours after 😉 We gathered our things, got in the car, and headed to the hospital….right during rush hour. Ugh. Again, it turned out fine….but in my head I was like “OH GREAT….TRAFFIC….WHILE I AM ABOUT TO HAVE TWO BABIES…” We got to the hospital around 8:00, and again, turns out the babies still didn’t come for several hours…should not have panicked 🙂

When we got to the hospital I got checked into the triage area to confirm that my water had broken and that I was indeed in labor. Yup and yup. I was there to have some babies. I got all hooked up on monitors and got an IV and had lots of other uncomfortable things done to me and then we had to sit and wait….apparently the stormy weather we were having was causing lots of other people to have babies….so they didn’t have any free rooms for a few hours. We sat in the triage area, at which point I was about 3+ cms dilated, and then finally around 11:00 they had a room opened so they moved me over that way. By the time I was moved to my room and was settled and set up with a nurse, etc. it was close to 12:00 and again I was checked and I hadn’t really made much progress, but I was at about a 4. The nurses kept coming in and asking what my pain level was….”On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is the pain??” PLEASE STOP ASKING ME THAT QUESTION. I have never given birth before…I have no clue if my pain is a 2 or 10….it sure feels like a 10 but it could be nothing compared to what it’s going to be. By the time I was in my room at 12 contractions were starting to feel way more intense….and I was feeling really uncomfortable. It felt like a 10 on the pain scale, but again, I have no idea how bad it really was. I dealt with the discomfort for a few hours and then I just realized I didn’t really want to deal with it anymore. So around 2:00 they called the crew in to get me an epidural. That was the only time during the labor process that I cried…..mostly out of fear of the huge frickin’ needle going into my back….but also because I was just tired and didn’t really know what to expect.

But by around 2:30 or a little after the epidural was in and I was feeling GREAT. I truly think I had the best anesthesiologist….I could feel nothing in my stomach area, but I could still feel my legs….which apparently, is the perfect epidural. So after I was settled into this new numb feeling, I started to relax….I even got a tiny nap in between nurses coming in and out. The next time the nurse checked me was about 2 hours later….at which point I was expecting to have progressed a little bit. She even expected me to only have progressed a bit because she was getting ready to tell me a bunch of things to try in order to get the dilation moving…..but nope, she didn’t have to tell me that. What she did tell me shocked me….”You’re 10 cm dilated!” WHHHHAT? No way! I was not ready to be 10 cm dilated. I was ready to be like 5 or 6….but not 10….10 meant it was TIME to push those babies out……was not mentally prepared.

Thankfully I wasn’t able to start pushing right then, anyway. Having twins calls for a delivery in the OR just in case you need an emergency c-section….and there was another set of twins being delivered right around the time I was fully dilated. So I had to wait. By the time the OR was ready for us it was about 5:00 or maybe a little after. They got my ready to go down there….We got to the doors to the OR and they made Greg wait outside since he needed scrubs and apparently they were all out of scrubs for people taller than 5 feet, 6 inches… they wheeled me in and got me on the delivering table and Greg waited outside while nurses rushed around to get scrubs. That took forever. FOREVER. So long, in fact, they told me to start pushing. PUSHING? NOW? My husband was not even there. They assured me they wouldn’t let me have the babies before he got there. Sure.

Greg finally got scrubs and joined me in the OR when I was on the 3rd contraction of pushing. That was around 5:35 ish. Once Greg got in I pushed through a few more contractions and at 5:49, Joshua Edward popped out! He was HERE! That fast!!?!?!!! I could barely even believe it. They whisked him off to the NICU and let Greg go with him to have him checked out. At that point I figured I would have some time in between before I had to push for Baby Girl. Nope. They made me start pushing again at the very next contraction. Again, no Greg. I was alone…AGAIN. I pushed another time or two while Greg was gone….and then he came back and told me that Joshua was great….and I pushed 1-2 more contractions and at 5:56, Sophia Jane entered the world. I was pushing maybe a total of 20-25 minutes for both babies and then, they were here. Just like that. After all that waiting, and months of anticipating, they were here. I couldn’t believe how quickly it all happened.

Now, I know some of you are thinking “I HATE YOU….you were only in labor and delivered babies in less than 12 hours…” but keep in mind my babies were tiny. Had I had a 8 or 9 pound baby, I doubt it would have happened that fast. Maybe, I guess….but I really think most of it has to do with how little the babies were….and how low they were to begin with….they were ready to be here!

After Sophia was out, they brought me Joshua to look at and kiss….it was literally a 30 second thing. I could barely take in his beautiful face before they took him away again. Then they tried to get my cleaned up and at some point in that process they brought Sophia out for me to lay my eyes on. Again…30 seconds and she was gone. I told Greg to go with them…..I wanted him to be there with them….but that left me, in the OR, all alone. I was wheeled back to my room alone, and sat in my room alone. It was not exactly how I pictured it….but it was the right thing to do. Greg finally got back (it felt forever….probably wasn’t that long) and told me about the babies and how they were doing. They were great. They were breathing well, crying, etc. They were just tiny. But everything else was awesome!

I had to wait until my epidural wore off before I could go to the Special Care Nursery to visit the babies….so in the mean time we ordered some pizza, had a bit to eat and then Greg wheeled me down to see the babies for the first time! I was so nervous to meet them for some reason….what would they look like….would they know who I was….would they be uncomfortable all hooked up to IVs and cords, etc.? But as soon as I saw them, my fears calmed. I couldn’t believe those two little people had been inside me. Yes, they were tiny…..but still….how did they fit in there? I was seriously in disbelief for a good while. But, we got to hold them, and kiss them, and be with them. It was great. I won’t forget it.

And that, my friends, is the story of how our babies joined us! And just like clockworks, it’s time for me to head home to be with my babes! Now that I’ve gotten the birth story down, I am hoping to have more motivation to keep the blog up to date…..I’ll aim for once a week, for now! There is so much to share about this adventure of parenting twins. It’s a crazy adventure, but one I am excited to document!


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