the small victories…

It seems that our world is conditioned to celebrate the huge victories…you know, winning the world series or getting a higher paying job. However, the things that usually wouldn’t normally get much attention, are really things to be celebrated just as much, if not more!

When it comes to being a new parent, and having unpredictable babies around, this concept of celebrating the small things is so important!! I had no idea!

Yesterday we had a small victory. I am not sure that it will happen again today or if it was a one time deal. Regardless, my heart was giddy and proud of what we accomplished!

You are probably wondering what happened, right?

BOTH babies took NAPS in their CRIBS! Not once….or twice…but on THREE separate occasions!

Babies seemed to be tired and it was about nap time so i decided to see what would happen if i bundled the babies up, and laid them in their cribs still awake and happy. In the past I think I have waited too long. I laid them down and after about five minutes of reinserting pacifiers, I walked out and crossed my fingers. Guess what I heard? Nothing! They fell asleep on their own! Let me tell you….I never dreamed this was possible! Those naps didn’t last longer than 45 minutes before they ended up back in the family room with me, but I am looking for small victories, and this is definitely one!

You see, my babes sleep fine in their cribs at night….but when it comes to napping in their crib….that’s a different story. I can count on one hand the number of times they have napped in their cribs. Usually they end up cuddling with mama or in their swing/bouncy chair.

So Greg and I are celebrating this small victory with quite high fives and lots of thumbs up! Oh do we know how to celebrate!!

Way to go babies!!!!

And because I would never dare get close to sleeping twins with a camera, I have no cute picture of them snoozing in bed…I do however have an old picture of when they were really little and would snooze together! Just two weeks old here!


**Update: The twinsies decided to show off two days in a row!! Success! Silent high five!


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