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FAQ: You use cloth diapers?

Yes, I use cloth diapers….and safety pins…and really loud plastic covers. Just like the kind I wore as a baby.

I figured this was an appropriate FAQ since I just threw in a load of diapers.

The truth is that I do use cloth diapers, but they are nothing like they were back in the day. They are awesome. And they save the earth. And they save my checkbook.


I had never really thought about cloth diapers until my nephew was born in August of 2011. My brother and sister in law decided to use cloth diapers for their new little babe and the more they told me about it, the more I thought it wasn’t a half bad idea. But at the time I didn’t have a need to think about it for myself.

A few months later I found out I was pregnant and honestly I still didn’t think about cloth diapers.

And then I found out I was pregnant with TWINS. And I immediately thought of cloth diapers. When we found out we were having twins I kept thinking “Oh my….one baby costs a lot, two babies are going to cost a ton.” So I visited a cloth diaper shop, The Little Seedling, with my sister in law and asked the owners lots of questions and left feeling really good about going the cloth diaper route. I felt like it was a good move on a number of levels, including saving thousands of dollars!

Now that we’re in the midst of cloth diapering, I can say that I am so glad that we made the choice to go this route! They are so easy to use, they are so cute on the baby bums, and they are nothing like the “olden day” diapers. Yes it takes some time to wash them, and yes the diaper pail does smell when you open it, and yes the initial investment to get started is more than buying a $20 pack of disposable diapers….

BUT, it’s easier for me to run down to the basement and throw in a load of diapers when I run out, rather than having to load everyone in the car and go to the store….and what diaper doesn’t smell? And biggest bonus, instead of paying around $6,000 to diaper our twins, we will only be spending about $500. And that will cover the cost of diapering any children we may have down the road. Amazing.

So yes, I cloth diaper. And no, I am not crazy. I guarantee ANYONE and EVERYONE can do it. I dare you!

And now I will leave you with some pics of my diaper models back when they were itty bitty and just starting to wear cloth!



sidenote: I do buy disposable diapers from time to time. Like for times when the babies are going to the nursery or have a babysitter and I don’t want the hassle of teaching people how to use the cloth diapers. Or for trips on airplanes when it would take 2 extra suitcases just for the cloth diapers. Or for when your babies are too small for even preemie diapers. So I am not against disposables, at all. I just like cloth better 🙂



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Deck the Halls…

I love love LOVE having Christmas decorations up…it just warms the house and makes everything especially cozy!






Have you decorated for the holidays yet!? I highly recommend it! It’s good for the soul!

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one word wednesday



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Traveling with the Twins

We packed up our bags (2 full size suitcases, 1 carry on, a diaper bag, a backpack, and a partridge in a pear tree….to be exact) and headed to my hometown in Michigan for the Thanksgiving holiday!

We took the babies on their first plane ride back over Labor Day and it went extremely well….but they were extremely little and sleepy back then. So when we decided to fly again for Thanksgiving I was all anxious because the babies are far from “sleepy” these days. In fact they are awake nearly the whole day so I just wasn’t sure how it would go this time around.

Of course I was running around like a crazy lady the night before we left…making lists, piles, and a whole lot of unnecessary stress because in the end, everything was done by 9 pm….I even had time to catch up on a show!

The morning we left, we got the babies up, fed them, dressed them, and fully planned on them going back down to sleep on the ride to the airport…but they were wide awake. Imagine that. Thank goodness we got through security fairly quickly since that part is truly the source of all my stress–picture hundreds of people behind you, watching and waiting, and grumbling under their breath about how long it’s taking you to get through–have I mentioned that flying with two babies stresses me out??

Once we were on the plane, the babies only slept a short cat nap but we were able to keep them fairy occupied and only had a few cries! Whew!

We arrived into Detroit and were greeted by these clowns who were promoting the Thanksgiving Day parade!


They loved that I asked for a picture and even came over to take a picture with the babies….


A news reporter saw the commotion of all the pictures so he came over to interview me. I was excited at first and then freaked out when I realized it would be on the evening news….yikes! But we landed ourselves about 5 seconds of fame on the local news that night…


So after all that commotion we had a great time at home visiting with family and friends! Truly such a wonderful visit! Totally worth the stress of the trip!


And the travel back was even a tad bit better as both babies slept longer and Sophia got upgraded to first class…with Greg :). Joshua and I enjoyed a row to ourselves in coach….take that first class 😉



And so while I vowed I wouldn’t fly with the babies again for a long time, maybe it wasn’t so bad. But I need several months before I want to think about it again 🙂


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The babies are more and more aware of each other as the days go by. They still seem to forget there is another baby at all the wrong times….like when I am trying to change the others diaper or when I am trying to burp the other…

But it is fun to see them interact! I love when they catch a glimpse of the other and flash their sweet toothless grins….just makes my heart happy!!!


…and yes, Sophia is wearing Joshua’s pajamas….hers were all dirty 🙂


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one word wednesday



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Yup … He chewed on her toes…

I should have expected this to happen…they are always trying to nibble on each others hands/fingers….

Sophia’s feet found Joshua’s face and Joshua found Sophia’s toes!

But as I watched this unfold, it made me realize what a fun {and stinkin HARD} experience it is to have twins…





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