Holy Bananas

**I wrote this about a week ago but forgot to post…read the end to see if I am still saying “Holy Bananas”**

What is so big that deserves a “holy bananas” you ask?!

Let me tell you.

The babies slept in their crib, during nap, for close to 2 hours a few days ago. YIPPIE!!!!

You see, as mentioned before, the babies are not great nappers. Most naps are 30 minutes, good naps are 45 minutes, and short naps are 20 minutes. And when I say naps, I mean 2 naps a day.

I need to remind myself that they sleep great at night- usually a good 12 hours- so maybe they just don’t need as much sleep during the day. BUT, when the babies don’t nap during the day, this mama has close to no time to get things done like laundry, dishes, showering, etc. Not to mention the pure exhaustion of entertaining two babies all day long…

Anyway, on the rare occassion that they take a nap longer than 30 minutes, it always happens to fall on the weekend. Those tricky babies are trying to show off for dad who is around on the weekends.

BUT, as I said, they slept for just about 2 hours the other day! I was shocked. I kept waiting for a cry….I kept waiting to have to run in and pop a pacifier back in….I kept waiting to have to scoop one out of bed in order to not wake the other. But nope, they slept so, so well! And that was after Joshua had fallen asleep like this for a cat nap, before moving him to the crib….


Most of me wanted to sit back and enjoy that quiet break in the day. But, I realized I needed to take advantage of the time. So I got dishes, laundry, bottles and a few other household chores done. It felt pretty great. And I was hoping it meant that the babies were going to continue to do this great napping. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. But, I guess at least one great nap from time to time is better than none!!?

**Update: No more bananas around here! Babies have taken measly 20 minute naps since that great day of napping….and have been crabby to show for it 🙂


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