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2012 In ReVIEW

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for my blog.  How nice are they?!  I thought it was fun to see the stats, so I thought I would share them with you!  Enjoy!

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 15 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


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we’re on the way…

I listen to the Rafi pandora station a lot. There is a song for every occasion…including taking trips to see grandparents! I had to modify it a bit, but this is what I was singing to the babies all day…

We’re on the way, we’re on the way…


On the way to grandpa’s house…


…and we survived our first leg of the trip…thank you homemade car tv (aka iPad strapped to the stroller in the trunk…)


And because we are with family I am signing off for a few days! I may drop in with a few photos here and there so check back…

Until then, enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!

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stay at home mama AND daddy?!!

There many days when I wish that Greg and I could both be stay at home parents! Partly because how great would it be to have an extra set of hands?!? But partly because I just love when we get to do things as a family….I love when Greg gets to see and hear things for himself rather than me trying to remember to tell him stories….

But unless we win the lottery, the chances of that happening are slim to none. And that’s ok because I am so thankful that at least one of us is spending these baby days with the twins. PLUS it makes it all the more special when Greg does get a day off here and there! Such a treat!!!

Today was one of those days. Greg is now off work until the new year! Yippie!!! So today Greg was able to go with me to Joshua’s physical therapy appointment and it was really nice to have help/company!



Life is way more fun when dad is around 🙂

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one word wednesday



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babies’ first christmas

I can hardly believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I love the holidays and the traditions that come with the season.

Now that we have babies I so desperately wanted to START our own family traditions this year.

Tonight we celebrated the babies’ first Christmas. Just the four of us. It was really more for us than them…but that’s ok 🙂 It was actually harder than I thought. I was envisioning Christmas as I knew it….stockings first, then gifts, taking turns opening gifts, and so on …but maybe with our kids we will do it completely differently. Unfortunately, the babies are really too small to “test out” traditions. So I am giving us a year (or two) grace period for setting into traditions for us and the kiddos for many years to come.

I will let pictures do the rest of the talking…






Merry FIRST Christmas babies!!! (one down, two to go)

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let’s get real….

Ok, time to get real people.

I realize that a majority of my posts are positive, cute, funny, or random.  The tone to my posts typically is positive (at least that’s my hope).  I fear that because of the tone, people are under the impression that this parenting gig is a piece of cake and that I have the easiest, happiest babies on the block.

Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.

The reason I blog about the happier moments is because those are the moments that I want to look back on and remember in times of frustration and exhaustion.  It’s not because I am trying to pretend like everything is perfect…it’s just that I know that if I sit here and write about all of the hard things, I will dwell on it too long, and it will turn into complaining, and that’s not my goal.

So, I am here today to process (through writing) a bit.  Bare with me.

Parenting is kicking my butt right now.  Not just a little.  A lot.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom (actually, that title still sounds weird, to me)….I love my babies….I love that I am able to stay home and take care of them.  I truly wouldn’t want it any other way.

But we are WAY WAY WAY past the stage where the babies sleep all day.  We are past the stage where they quietly coo.  We are past the stage where they are entertained by a dangling stuffed monkey.  And because we are past those stages, we are into some new stages that are yes, exciting, but also very difficult, exhausting, and at times frustrating.  I said it.  I get frustrated with my babies.

This is that part that is frustrating.  They both need me at the same time.  They are both uncomfortable but can’t tell me what exactly is the problem.  They want to do things that they can’t yet do (crawl, sit up, etc.) and I can’t always aid them in doing this things at the moment they want to do it.  Recently, I have found myself acting in a way that I am not proud of, and thinking that it will change the babies’ behavior.  It’s silly, really.

But the biggest frustration comes when I don’t feel that I am adequately meeting the babies’ needs….

Side note:  I don’t want to diminish the job it is to parent and raise one baby at a time.  I know that if I had had one baby first, I would have had similar feelings as I am having now with two babies.  But, I will say that I know for a fact that raising twins is no joke.  It is a completely different ball game.  People try to compare my experiences with theirs.  While it is similar in some ways, it is drastically different in others.  So when people say “Oh, you are meeting their needs Tina, don’t be silly…”  I simply cannot meet the twins’ needs in the same capacity as a single baby parent does with their baby.  Just keep that in mind as you continue to read.

I have had lots of people share encouraging words with me over the last 6 months…”God knew you guys could handle this..”  “You’re doing a great job…”  “You know that not everyone could do this…”  Those words are kind, and boost me when I need them.  But the reality is still that I often have to let a baby cry to help the other.  I can’t always hold the babies and just snuggle them when they need it the most.  Life feels like the military around here….do this now, do that now.  I am frustrated that I don’t always know what my babies’ need when they cry.  I am frustrated that their “unhappiness” at times seems to be a direct result of me, because I am the one with them primarily.

So there ya go.  It’s hard.  Harder than I could have ever imagined.

And while it’s extremely hard and frustrating in moments, please know that I love those babies to pieces.  Despite all of the crying, all of the screaming, all of the unknown….I love them.  They make me laugh, smile, and work harder than I ever knew was possible.  I’m so thankful for them and what I am learning in this season of life.


P.S.  I was trying to figure out how to turn off the comments for this post.  I am not writing and posting this to look for sympathy or for people to feel badly for me.  I am just writing it because it’s a part of my life.  And that’s what this blog is about.  Can’t figure out how to turn off comments, though.  So if you have something to say…..just say it in your head 🙂  Ha!

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the incredible shrinking tank

I grabbed a tank top yesterday to throw on under a sweatshirt. After I put it on I had all sorts of flashbacks to when I was pregnant.

Tangent: Some days I miss being pregnant. I had an awfully hard time with being on bed rest, and having gestational diabetes, and having two babies playing tether ball inside my belly….but it was pretty fun to see them grow from the outside, via my belly…and for as painful as their kicks and punches were, it was still pretty neat to see. And while I miss it some moments, I am thankful that my body is getting a break… A nice LONG break from baby baking!!! Tangent done.

As I put on the tank top I remembered that I took a few of my weekly Bumpdate pictures wearing the tank top. And then I realized that the tank top that I was able to wear at 20 weeks….and 34 weeks…I could still wear now. And that frightened me for a minute. I can still wear the same tank top??? I must really need to get back to the gym. But then I made myself feel better, and came to the conclusion that the tank top is simply once amazing piece of material. To be able to expand to hold one big belly, and then a few washes later look as though it had never been stretched to the max? Incredible!

See the progression…


20 Weeks….


34 Weeks…


5 months Post Babies

And that, my friends is one incredible tank top! It’s been with me through thick and thin, and it still fits great 🙂

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