FAQ: You make your own baby food?!??

Yes! I make my own baby food. I also grow all the fruits and veggies in my snow covered back yard.

Ok, I don’t grow my own food, but I know lots of people who do. I am just too lazy to do that…and I can’t keep anything (plant wise) alive for the life of me. So I let Trader Joes do the food growing. Thanks TJ!!


Honestly, I feel a little hippie-like saying that not only do I cloth diaper my babies, but I also make their baby food. It is becoming much more trendy to do this, so I don’t mind being a hippie with lots of other moms and dads. But the trend is the last reason I am making their food.

It truthfully comes down to saving money. I can’t stand thinking about how much I could potentially spend on baby food for two babies versus how much I can save. It’s kind of like a game for me! I have made over a month worth of food for two babies for less than $20 (including about 5-8 bucks worth of food I never made cause I ran out of storage space)….about 25 jars of baby food for about $3. See the money savings game is so fun!

So that along with the fact that I really do like knowing that bananas and only bananas (organic ones at that…hippie points) are going into the jar of baby food that will soon be in the bellies of my babes!

It does take time and creates a mess in my kitchen, but I try to incorporate the babies into food making time….they sit in their chairs and play while I cut and steam and blend…and when I blend, oh boy! They squeal and kick and a lot of times jump in fear of that loud Baby Bullet 🙂 So they are happy and I am getting stuff done. Obviously doesn’t always work out that smoothly, but that’s what we aim for!


So there you have it!



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2 responses to “FAQ: You make your own baby food?!??

  1. Debs.ventura

    I say the money you’re saving (don’t forget the cost of disposable diapers that you’re also saving) can go towards a really nice trip somewhere!!! I’m guessing all total – it could be worth a couple thousand… or more??

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