weekend fun!!!

I realized that “Sunday Funday” posts left out much of our fun weekends. So I have decided to just do a weekend recap instead!!

The weekend started out right! We met daddy for a late lunch at Pizza Ranch! The babies even got to use their new lunch boxes from Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jaime and cousin Lucas! We loaded them up with yummy baby food and off we went!


Saturday we spent most of the day getting chores and errands done. In the evening we all dressed up for a wedding! Babies came with us to the ceremony and then we dropped them off at home to stay with one of my dear friends, Laurie, and her roommate! It was so nice to be able to go to the reception baby free and know they were being well loved! We have the greatest friends!


Greg and I just decided to start giving each other one weekend morning to sleep in while the other is on baby duty. I got to sleep in on Saturday morning {sleeping in means 8 am} and Sunday morning Greg got to sleep in. Since I needed to run to Target {for the 15th time last week} I bundled the babies up and off we went…we were there when the store opened!



We also had brunch with friends and a few more errands to do on Sunday.

The weekends always fly by, and are jam packed with activities, but it’s always such a fun time together!!

Happy Monday!!



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4 responses to “weekend fun!!!

  1. debs.ventura@gmail.com

    Sophia has one of her new headbands on! It’s so cute!

  2. debs.ventura@gmail.com

    AND you both look great in the wedding picture!

  3. Mom

    The hats are adorable! And you and Greg look fantastic!

  4. Omg, all of these pics are adorable!!

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