I have to teach them how to do THAT!??

I am a teacher by training. I have had lots of practice and experience teaching things to kiddos. But having my own babies has posed a whole new level of teaching.

There are so many things we do that we just KNOW how to so….breathe, blink, swallow, etc. From what I can remember, no one had to teach me how to do those things. There are so many other things I would put in the “we just know how to do this” category, but I am quickly finding out, in fact, we don’t just inherently know them. We must learn them.

For example…sitting. I thought babies, once a certain age, just sat up. Not the case. You have to show baby how to sit, hold baby up, practice even.

So when it came time to introduce the sippy cup, I kind of picture them just throwing back some juice and calling it a day. Not so much. We are still working at it….but in very recent developments, both babies have taken a few sips rather than just playing with it like a chew toy. I have tried so many things like helping hold/tip cup back, putting food on the cup so they want to gobble it off, showing them how I can drink out of the cup, etc. You get the picture—it takes work to teach these little nuggets a new skill. Sometimes I have all the patience in the world, many times I don’t. But seeing them make progress is great!


They are not consistent or even good at drinking from a sippy yet, but they are making progress and that’s what motivates me to continue to be a good “teacher” for my babies!



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2 responses to “I have to teach them how to do THAT!??

  1. Ede

    big boy and girl!

  2. Allison

    Who would’ve thought?! They’re sure lucky to have you, Tina 🙂

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