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make a playroom!

Until recently all things baby lived in our family room….when I walked in I always said, “Oh gosh. It looks like a day care in here…” We had a play mat…two exersaucers…a few baskets for toys….several stacks of books…wipes and diapers and quilts and boppy pillows and the list goes on and on…it was a lot of baby crap. All really important and used baby crap. But it definitely made our main living room space feel less than open and roomy…and plain old cluttered!

So we decided it was time to use one of our spare bedrooms to make a playroom to house all out baby stuff. I wanted to create a space that I wouldn’t mind sitting in all day but also a space that would be relatively cheap…with babies, the need for various spaces change all the time so I don’t want to spend a lot on something that would be relatively temporary (as soon as the babes are crawling our “baby space” will probably move down to the big open basement)…

The only things I really spent money on were the curtains and a few canvas and and frames for some art for the walls. The curtains were actually oblong table cloths on clearance for $12 a piece…I purchased 3. The canvases were on clearance for $2 each and I got 4. Frames were only $9 for two and then I spent about $10 on scrapbook paper and a few paints. So total I think I spent about $60 to change a completely blank, empty room (well it was empty after we cleared out all the other stuff we had been tossing in there) into a simple but functional play space!

Check out the playroom….


And some of my easy peasy art for the walls….



And check out that clean, empty, free of baby items family room…


I am trying to figure out why we didn’t do this sooner….



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one word wednesday




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weekend fun!

Well lookie here! I am actually on my blog! As usual, it’s been a while. And really the only reason I am on right now is because this is happening….


That’s right! Grandma Ventura is here and she has the babies out on a brisk morning walk! They are so bundled up that they will probably be sweating upon their return! But it’s so good for them to get some fresh air! And it’s so good for momma to sit on her butt and catch up on the blog!

We had a good weekend and it was filled as always!

We had some good friends over for breakfast on Saturday morning! We visited and caught up over egg bake, chocolate chip banana bread, and fruit! Yum!

It was also pretty warm…and by pretty warm I mean mid to high 20’s on Saturday afternoon….so outside we went! Bundled the babes up and went for a family stroll! We just got a new snazzy stroller and I love it! Babes seem much more comfortable in this one too!


Greg and I put the babies to sleep and then had a babysitter come over and we were able to sneak out for a few hours for a friends birthday party! It’s always fun to have a reason to wear “real” clothes, so I went a little crazy and pulled out the colored jeans!


Sunday we spent the day running errands and running circles around the house…while holding two babies.


Happy Monday! Enjoy the start to the week!


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one word wednesdy



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FAQ: why don’t you have time to blog?

FAQ: Why don’t you have time to blog? You stay home don’t you??

Yes, yes I do stay home. And during the day I watch soaps and eat Popcorn!

Come on people. I am a busy lady! Here is the deal….

I always pictured being a stay at home mom {side note: I just heard someone call it a ‘Work at home mom’ and I kind of like that…} to be just that…watching tv while babies nap, painting my nails, reading magazines, etc. Probably a horrible assumption but I guess I just had no clue!

Now that I do stay home, I realize that’s not the reality. Since I am home, I rarely “take a lunch break”…it’s so easy to look around and see something else to do and then to forget to eat or shower. Essentially I am working a 24 hour job…one where you never “leave” work. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining and I am so thankful I get to be home. But it’s round the clock and it’s a demanding job.

So, in the rare chance that I do take a “break” I typically want to do something mindless….like watch a 30 min show in 17 mins…or browse around Pinterest for ideas of things I don’t have time for…or if I am really lucky, I can catch a very short snooze {generally to the tune of 7 mins when I am abruptly woken by an awake baby}…

For as much as I love blogging and sharing stories and thoughts on here, it is typically the last thing on my list of things to do in my down time. This doesn’t mean I am never going to blog, but when there are especially crazy weeks, blogging is on the back burner!

So yes, I stay home, and yes I STILL lack the time to blog some weeks. It’s just the way it goes!

I THINK life will slow down a bit after the beginning of next week at which time I hope to be a bit more consistent!

Happy Friday people


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