FAQ: why don’t you have time to blog?

FAQ: Why don’t you have time to blog? You stay home don’t you??

Yes, yes I do stay home. And during the day I watch soaps and eat Popcorn!

Come on people. I am a busy lady! Here is the deal….

I always pictured being a stay at home mom {side note: I just heard someone call it a ‘Work at home mom’ and I kind of like that…} to be just that…watching tv while babies nap, painting my nails, reading magazines, etc. Probably a horrible assumption but I guess I just had no clue!

Now that I do stay home, I realize that’s not the reality. Since I am home, I rarely “take a lunch break”…it’s so easy to look around and see something else to do and then to forget to eat or shower. Essentially I am working a 24 hour job…one where you never “leave” work. Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining and I am so thankful I get to be home. But it’s round the clock and it’s a demanding job.

So, in the rare chance that I do take a “break” I typically want to do something mindless….like watch a 30 min show in 17 mins…or browse around Pinterest for ideas of things I don’t have time for…or if I am really lucky, I can catch a very short snooze {generally to the tune of 7 mins when I am abruptly woken by an awake baby}…

For as much as I love blogging and sharing stories and thoughts on here, it is typically the last thing on my list of things to do in my down time. This doesn’t mean I am never going to blog, but when there are especially crazy weeks, blogging is on the back burner!

So yes, I stay home, and yes I STILL lack the time to blog some weeks. It’s just the way it goes!

I THINK life will slow down a bit after the beginning of next week at which time I hope to be a bit more consistent!

Happy Friday people



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2 responses to “FAQ: why don’t you have time to blog?

  1. d2bb32av

    Very few people understand what “work at home” moms really do! You’re right – it’s a 24 hour job with rarely a break! I don’t understand the mentality of ‘not doing anything’…. really? Give me a break! But however difficult – it WAS the most rewarding job I ever held!

  2. Ede

    why do you anticipate things slowing down next week? babies going on vacation? 🙂

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