weekend fun!

Well lookie here! I am actually on my blog! As usual, it’s been a while. And really the only reason I am on right now is because this is happening….


That’s right! Grandma Ventura is here and she has the babies out on a brisk morning walk! They are so bundled up that they will probably be sweating upon their return! But it’s so good for them to get some fresh air! And it’s so good for momma to sit on her butt and catch up on the blog!

We had a good weekend and it was filled as always!

We had some good friends over for breakfast on Saturday morning! We visited and caught up over egg bake, chocolate chip banana bread, and fruit! Yum!

It was also pretty warm…and by pretty warm I mean mid to high 20’s on Saturday afternoon….so outside we went! Bundled the babes up and went for a family stroll! We just got a new snazzy stroller and I love it! Babes seem much more comfortable in this one too!


Greg and I put the babies to sleep and then had a babysitter come over and we were able to sneak out for a few hours for a friends birthday party! It’s always fun to have a reason to wear “real” clothes, so I went a little crazy and pulled out the colored jeans!


Sunday we spent the day running errands and running circles around the house…while holding two babies.


Happy Monday! Enjoy the start to the week!



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2 responses to “weekend fun!

  1. Allison

    I love this glimpse into your life! It really makes me want to do something like this….especially if kids enter the picture!

  2. d2bb32av

    That was a workout – getting the stroller through the snow and slush!! But so much FUN!!!!!

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