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embrace the camera

Today I am embracing the camera with my little gal!


I love this girl so much!



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one word wednesday



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baby proofing

I am not quite sure how I feel about baby proofing. Yes, I want my babies safe and not in the way of danger, but I also don’t want to rely on baby proofing so I can just do other things.

I haven’t put up a gate yet because I don’t really want to drill a hole in our wall…and I haven’t covered outlets yet because J hasn’t showed an interest in those thus far. But…it’s getting increasingly more difficult to run to the kitchen to grab bottles or run to the bathroom without putting J in the exersaucer or taking him with me.

I remembered we had a play yard that my brother and sister-in-law gave us to borrow so I figured I would take it out and see how it works in our space…


Pretty perfectly if you ask me!

I feel a little weird “caging” the babies in….and I feel even more confined than I already felt. But I do feel good about having a bit of a security blanket. Maybe if I had just one nugget, I would be able to be by their side 24/7 and not need to baby proof. Who knows. All I know is that it’s kind of nice to be able to sit and let J crawl around and explore and not have to chase him and grab him!


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saturday edition…

Since babies just went down for their morning nap since being up at 5 AM….I have a second to jump on here….cause what kind of adult needs a nap after that early of a morning!???!

The start of our morning looked a little like this….


Ya know. Just normal before the crack of dawn shenanigans!!!!!!

Have a happy weekend!


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embrace the camera

you should take a look through my photos from the last year compared to all the years previously.  you would notice a huge difference.  it’s obvious.  ever since my two little bambinos entered the world, the camera has been ON THEM.  not on me.  


it’s not coincidental.  i personally think that people would much rather see pictures of their cute faces than the faces of their tired, unshowered parents.  who wouldn’t?!


but then i realized that there are some people that just might like to see my mug (and greg’s) every once in a while….those bambinos who i take photos of constantly.  that’s who.  as they get older and look back through pictures…or albums…or photo books (whatever is the trendy form of displaying photos in the next few years) i imagine they’ll want to see how their mama looked.  


i didn’t realize this until i was reading the anderson crew’s blog.  she has a thing called “embrace the camera” and every thursday she gets in a picture with her kiddos.  one of them…a few of them…all of them.  the point is that she shows up.  as i was reading about embrace the camera, it all made sense.


typically, i don’t take pictures of myself because, as mentioned above, i’m tired and i have baby snot all over my shirt, and i forgot to wipe off my mascara last night, and my babies are just way more cute.  but i also know that my babies don’t care what i look like.  i know that in the future they won’t cherish the fact that mom was always put together.  they will cherish the fact that i took time to be silly, or happy with them….and that they have those photos as memories.  


so.  i am going to make a really big effort to embrace the camera once a week.  maybe it will just be me and sophia….or maybe just me and joshy.  or maybe it will be with both babes, or our whole family (papa bear included)….the point is that i want to create these memories for myself…the babies….our family, and the reality is that i am part of these memories, so i am gonna get the heck in these photos!   


enjoy the first embrace the camera photo from today.  



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big belly, big belly, big belly

I am a part of a multiples group for moms on Facebook. It’s been pretty amazing the support that I have gotten from total strangers. Aside from support, I just love feeling that other people can relate or I can share my story/experience with someone else. I know a few other twin mamas in “real life” (like we are actually friends:)) ….they have been some of my best support! But the group has such a wide range of people that its fun to get on the Facebook page and see what others are going through…from potty training to bringing new bornS home!

Anyway, one of the mamas recently posted a picture of her big pregnant belly which prompted others to dig around in their pictures and post theirs! So of course I had to look through all of my weekly photos and check out the very last one…my very biggest belly picture. Then I had to look for a pic of the itty bitty new born babies that lived in there….

Check out the collage I made. Kind of crazy how quickly/slowly time has gone since being pregnant….giving birth…and growing these babies here in our home! Wow!


Now that you see that big belly, all you singleton mamas can rest assured you are not/were not HUGE as you might feel you are. You are not HUGE until you have a few babies inside there 😉


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weekend fun!

We still have sick babies. And we still have babies with several teeth coming in…oh and that crawler of mine? Still crawling and wanting to play with everything but toys! But I found a few minutes to sit down and catch up from the weekend!

Friday started off with a dinner with some former coworkers! It was so so soooo good to see their faces and catch up with them! It had been way too long!

Saturday morning Joshua and daddy went to get us donuts for breakfast and Joshua came back with flowers in hand! Later we ran errands, took family naps in the afternoon, and played hard as usual! Saturday night Papa Bear enjoyed some music with friends at a local bar, so I camped out in front of the tv catching up on my DVR shows! Don’t worry…I was domain laundry to make myself somewhat productive 🙂 I also spent time daydreaming of the warm weather that will soon be upon me….Greg and I are going on vacation alone! I can’t wait for the warm sun and the uninterrupted sleep but I am already dreading kissing the babies goodbye…sniff sniff!!! When and where?! You will find out later. This is the Internet, people. I am not dishing out those kinds of details!

Sunday I woke up realizing I had no St P’s Day outfits for the babies. Tragic! I put them in green diapers instead….which probably works better since we aren’t Irish or anything 🙂 We had some friends over for lunch! Their daughter was born the same day as our babies! Man that was the day to be born, apparently! The rest of the day was low key and ended with White Chicken Enchiladas! Mmm mmm good!

Enjoy a few pics!






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