on the move.

Well. It happened. It felt like it happened overnight!

Joshua has been on his knees rocking for a few weeks now. It seemed like any moment he would be moving but he just kept rocking back and forth. Then two nights ago he finally figured out how to move his arms and his legs. He moved all four limbs 2-3 times before falling over. Then this morning we tried again and he added a few more leg/arm movements…and this afternoon he crawled across the room (in little spurts) to Aunt Ede while we were on FaceTime!


It’s like all the sudden it came together….and it really was one of the neatest things to see! He definitely is not fully steady and he still falls pretty frequently, but I give him a week until he is moving and groovin….which means I have a week {or less} to get our place baby proofed!

All the while Sophia is making big strides too! For the longest time she wanted nothing to do with being on her hands and knees. We tried and tried, but she would just plop down and roll over. But today as I was working with Joshy on his crawling, I glanced over and saw Sophia on her knees rocking back and forth, and doing the backward scoot! Such a big girl!


It’s pretty amazing to see these milestones! They have obviously accomplished other big things, but the movement milestones are crazy and cool to see how it all comes together!

Things are about to get crazy with two little babes on the move!



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3 responses to “on the move.

  1. Ede

    Yay! A FaceTime crawl to will have to do until I can see it in person! 🙂

  2. Allison

    That’s so sweet! It really makes my heart fill up with awesomeness 🙂 Can’t wait for my niece to get here!!!

  3. d2bb32av

    It just blows my mind who quickly babies learn and grow!!!! When I’m there in April, they’ll be crawling circles around me!

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