big belly, big belly, big belly

I am a part of a multiples group for moms on Facebook. It’s been pretty amazing the support that I have gotten from total strangers. Aside from support, I just love feeling that other people can relate or I can share my story/experience with someone else. I know a few other twin mamas in “real life” (like we are actually friends:)) ….they have been some of my best support! But the group has such a wide range of people that its fun to get on the Facebook page and see what others are going through…from potty training to bringing new bornS home!

Anyway, one of the mamas recently posted a picture of her big pregnant belly which prompted others to dig around in their pictures and post theirs! So of course I had to look through all of my weekly photos and check out the very last one…my very biggest belly picture. Then I had to look for a pic of the itty bitty new born babies that lived in there….

Check out the collage I made. Kind of crazy how quickly/slowly time has gone since being pregnant….giving birth…and growing these babies here in our home! Wow!


Now that you see that big belly, all you singleton mamas can rest assured you are not/were not HUGE as you might feel you are. You are not HUGE until you have a few babies inside there 😉



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2 responses to “big belly, big belly, big belly

  1. Cuuute! I love that you’ve gotten so much support, Tina! Such a sweet blessing.

  2. d2bb32av

    Well…. there couldn’t be a better reason for having a big belly! 😉 What’s amazing is how tiny you are now! So thankful for the moms out there that support each other! It can be lonely and scary trying to figure this thing called parenting out by yourself! And that you can support each other remotely is even better!!!!

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