weekend fun!

Well this past weekend started on Friday since Greg had the day off and was home with us!!! It’s always a treat to have an extra day as a family (aka…an extra day with an extra set of hands/baby entertainer)

We kicked off the long weekend with some donuts! Joshy helped me pick some out and bring back home to daddy and Sophia…they may have snuck a little bite too 🙂


On Friday we also went to visit my old school. I hadn’t been back since I went on bedrest back in April of last year! It had been a long time since I had seen many friends and former students so it was great to visit…and to introduce the babies to everyone! The babies just loved being around other kids…they had lots of books read to them, songs sung, and just general attention given. They were in Heaven!


Saturday was errands day as well as “get outside its so nice” day. Babies got to swing for the first time and it was a major hit! Video footage to prove it coming soon…



Mama also made some yummy homemade bread and hung out with some girlfriends on Saturday ev


On Sunday the babies got their first Easter baskets and played with their new toys…and then we got dressed up and went to church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ!





Love our weekends together!


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