weekend fun!

My, my, my…it’s been a full week since I posted. No good excuse…just plain old ran out of time!

Here we are at another Monday….it’s funny how I always used to dread Mondays as it meant the weekend was over and back to work….but now I work 7 days a week, so Monday is like any other day :). Can’t complain though….my bosses are pretty cute!

Unfortunately over the weekend we had pretty gross weather…lots and lots I rain. Which meant we were cooped up inside. But we did make the best of it and played hard, regardless. We made a trip to Target, mall, grocery store, a haircut for Joshua and worked on a new “one nap a day” schedule. Quite the change for everyone…but one baby slept till 6:00 am and the other 6:45 am which feels like 10:00 am compared to waking before 5 some days. Not sure if this new schedule will stick but we are in trial mode for the week!

Here is our weekend in pictures….

Oatmeal chocolate chip muffins for breakfast…they were a hit…will share more on that later this week.


Riding in style for our separate Target and grocery store runs…



Joshua’s first haircut (again…more on this later this week)…


Play time at the mall…I had no idea if they would know what to do but they enjoyed crawling around and exploring with daddy while mama shopped!


Sharing an afternoon snack…


Finally, one of my favorite moments…they both sat still, cuddled next to mama for a blissful 10 + minutes while we watched a show on our rainy Sunday afternoon. I don’t think they have done this…at the same time…ever. Awesome!


Sure do love our weekends! Have a great Monday!


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  1. d2bb32av

    I don’t know where you all find the energy to squeeze so much into so few hours! I especially love the picture of Joshy reaching over to Sophia’s side of the car and it looks like she’s thinking “Mom – he’s on MY side of the car! Tell him to move over!”

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