weekend fun!

Thank goodness for long weekends which allow daddy to be home with us one extra day! We had a long, tiring weekend….the babies came down with a cold and are doing some major teething so it was not a super peachy weekend….yet I look back at my photos and see that we did have fun amidst the stress and chaos of two uncomfortable babies!

We started off the weekend taking the babies to a Baby Gym Class! I have been itching to get them into a more organized setting…maybe it’s the teacher in me? So when I found this baby gym a few miles from home I thought we would give it a whirl! It was a total hit! I couldn’t stop giggling and laughing at how much fun the babies were having!




Greg and I also were able to squeeze in a date night on Saturday! We got the babies in bed, the sitter came over, and we enjoy dinner together! You know what else I enjoyed?? This yummy, fruity, alcoholic (that didn’t taste at all like alcohol) beverage! It was called “Kinky Breeze”….it really should just be called “Delicious Breeze”…so good!


The weather continues to be lame so we mostly played inside but we did get out for a quick walk despite the chilly air!




We wrapped up the weekend with a BBQ with friends and then mama got to indulge in watching the Bachelorette with a girlfriend!

I am so blessed that I have a husband who is willing to be so hands on during his “break” from work….when you have two babies from the get-go, both mama and daddy are working two “full time jobs” ….it’s round the clock. Luckily for us, I have a great partner in parenting and the babies have a fun daddy to play with!

Thankful for the weekend together!


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  1. Ede

    the picture of joshy on the cart is so cute! and cool stroller!

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