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embrace the camera + life updates tomorrow

It’s been a few weeks since I have remembered to Embrace the Camera with my littles…

But this morning as I was pushing the babies with the refreshing breeze and warm sun, I looked down and figured this was about as good of a time as any to get in a shot with all of us!


This picture truly reflects our life right now. I have always been the first to say that life with two babies is HARD…there are days when I wake up and count down the hours till I can go back to sleep…but as of late, our two little munchkins have been so happy and playful and just plain old fun. Lots of laughter and smiles around these parts which is a blessing when many of my early memories of the babies are filled with colicky cries and reflux screams! With that said, life is still challenging in moments and will never be “easy” with two bambinos 🙂

Tomorrow I will have a full update on what’s been brewing in the Mohr casa as we have had quite the crazy last few months….


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FAQ: how old are they?!


Back next week after we party or socks off….


{birthday babes}

I have two 1 year olds….ahhhh!!!!


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one word wednesday



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the week of the birthdays!

it was bound to happen, right?

we are in the midst of the babies’ birthday week…which really only means special projects, shopping, and reminiscing of the birth and early days of our nuggets.

i have been busy working on a special slide show for the babies…so the last few evenings have been busy with picking pictures, videos, and music to create a 15 minute summation of the past 12 months!

once it’s finished I will share. Until then, I continue to click click click away at the computer!


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weekend fun.

This weekend was a blur. Not a good blur either. We had a pretty long, exhausting day on Saturday as the babies were out of sorts…my guess is teeth and overly tired babies. So once Sunday rolled around and our happy babies reappeared, I felt like we were robbed a weekend day!

Anyways, a few pictures from the weekend…including some time outside, a trip to Target in our Jammies for groceries and a yummy blueberry muffin, and some playtime with daddy…and the last photo, contrary to popular belief, is proof that my babies aren’t always happy 🙂







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embrace the camera!

Quick. The babies are playing nicely AND independently! Mama has about 3.567 seconds to post today’s Embrace the Camera…



I love seeing those smiles! These pictures help to remind me that not every second of the day is loud and chaotic…thankful for the reminders!

Get in a picture with those you love today!

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out sick…

Not me…everyone else in our family!

The last week and a half have looked like this…



Lots and lots of a snotty noses, coughs, sleepless nights, and sad babies. Plus a daddy who wasn’t feeling well either!

Thankfully I think we are almost through it! One baby seems to be ok and one is close behind, and daddy is back to his fun self!

Sorry I have been missing for a few days….I have been lacking energy to do much more than the necessary and have been turning out the lights between 8-9 pm several times this week!

Back at it tomorrow for Embrace the Camera and Fridays FAQ: So what do you do when both babies are sick?

Happy Wednesday!

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