out sick…

Not me…everyone else in our family!

The last week and a half have looked like this…



Lots and lots of a snotty noses, coughs, sleepless nights, and sad babies. Plus a daddy who wasn’t feeling well either!

Thankfully I think we are almost through it! One baby seems to be ok and one is close behind, and daddy is back to his fun self!

Sorry I have been missing for a few days….I have been lacking energy to do much more than the necessary and have been turning out the lights between 8-9 pm several times this week!

Back at it tomorrow for Embrace the Camera and Fridays FAQ: So what do you do when both babies are sick?

Happy Wednesday!


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One response to “out sick…

  1. d2bb32av

    It looks like Sophia’s hair is starting to get curly?!?! Poor babies! It’s so tough when you can’t breath AND you don’t know how to wipe your nose!

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