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weekend/roadtrip fun…

Ok I lied, the road trip part of this weekend was zero fun. I know, I am lame…everyone likes roadtrips. But truthfully, I don’t love them, and I love them less with babies…and even less overnight.

But it went really well! Thankfully! We set out around 3:30 on Friday after decoding at 2 pm that we would utilize some day time hours rather than waiting till babies’ 7 pm bedtime. So in 90 minutes we scrambled to pack up about half of the stuff we still hadn’t packed, got it all loaded, grabbed babies, and hit the road!



We drove about an hour and a half, then babies needed a dinner break so we stopped on Baldwin, WI for some A&W! Yum!


We loaded back up and drove another hour or so and then stopped to let babes move around and get PJs on and have a bed time snack. We read some books and then back in the car. Soon after they were out!! Thank you bed time!


The rest of the weekend was fun part as we were able to catch up on sleep with the help of all the family around, as well as the babes enjoying some new scenery, and Greg and I getting out for a date!



Thankful we survived the long trek and glad it’s now behind us 🙂 After much anticipation we are IN MICHIGAN and excited to adjust to our new surroundings and life in the Mitten State!


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saying goodbye is hard…


We are about 3 hours into our 10 hour trip….the babies are finally drifting to dreamland as the quite tunes lull them to sleep. Greg is at the wheel and I have kicked my feet up. Finally. I have the next seven hours where I can’t get chores done, I can’t run an errand…I get to just sit. Kind of exactly what I need right now.

Don’t let this post fool you. I couldn’t be more thankful and excited about the opportunity to move back East…closer to family. Greg and I both feel this is what God wants for us.

But at the very same time, it is so, so hard for me to leave Minnesota. I never dreamed that the cold, snowy state would feel so warm and cozy…but it did! It felt like home. From the moment I moved, actually.

My original plan was to live in Minnesota for a year. Funny when things don’t go according to your plan. Instead, I stayed long enough to earn a Bachelors and Masters degree…to meet, date, and marry my husband….to buy a house…to birth a few babies…and to meet the most incredible friends. I had no idea the kind of friendships that I gained even existed. They do.

So now, 11 years later, I am packing up my wonderful life here in Minnesota…I know it’s right, but still so hard.

It’s hard because I truly don’t like saying goodbye. It’s fine to say goodbye when I know I will see you tomorrow…or next week…but when you say goodbye for an unknown amount of time…my heart breaks.

It’s hard to say goodbye to…

…play dates with my best friend and her kids…

….watching the bachelorette with my girlfriends…

…evenings on the deck, eating ice cream with other couples who you love doing life with…

…get togethers with other mamas to twins who just “get” you…

…friends who you haven’t seen in ages but you pick up right where you left off…

…lunch dates on my couch while my babies are sleeping…

…restaurants where Greg and I frequented as new love birds…

…the Target store that I took the babies to on my first solo outing when they were mere days old…and where we frequented weekly….

…the pond where we fed the ducks daily…

…the mall of america…uhhh, tax free clothes shopping!

I could go on and on, but you get the picture! There are so many, MANY reasons this move is so hard.

But…BUT! It’s so good on so many levels!

…My babies will know their grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins! What a blessing that will be!

…My husband has a great new job that will challenge him in a new and exciting way.

…I will get the chance to step outside my comfort zone…a lot!

…and WE as a family have the opportunity to create lots and lots of memories together. To seek out community, and to hopefully, somehow, bless those around us.

So you can imagine why it’s hard to say goodbye…

But oh, how beautiful it will be to say hello…

…and as the saying goes…it’s not “goodbye”…it’s “see you soon”…

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family vacation

This year we took our family vacation with Greg’s side of the family! Unfortunately not everyone was able to be there, but we still had a fun week with grandma and grandpa Mohr and Aunt Ann Marie!

We went to the Wisconsin Dells where we stayed in a rented house! It was awesome! Lots of space and lots of closeby activities

The week was filled with trips to the pool, playing in the shady yard, going to a wild life zoo, and having fun playing around the house!

Here is my picture recap!

















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embrace the camera

Here we are….the day before the big move…last embrace the camera in minneapolis…




You know, pretty much every emotion possible!

More on my thoughts about moving tomorrow as we drive out of town!….

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two one year olds…

You heard me right! I have two 1 year olds! Actually they are already 13 months…time has seriously gotten away from me!

Some days I can totally believe they are one…they are taking steps, they are playing independently, they are done with bottles, they are saying words, and they are exploring more…

Other days I can’t believe they are one…like the days when they wake multiple times a night (rare), or the times when they scream in the car like when they were newborns…

Regardless, my babies are ONE! This mama had been dreaming and planning their first birthday party for a long time….like since they were a few months old. Unfortunately we never did throw a big bash. The date we had planned wasn’t great for many people and it turned out we had to go house hunting that weekend anyway, so in the end I am glad just our little family of four celebrated the day together.

Here are a few pics from the day…

Shirts made by grandma Ventura…


Birthday breakfast donuts…




Fun with birthday balloons…




Sprinkler park…



Birthday cupcakes for the big 1 year olds…



And just like that…they are one! What a fun day!


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poolside life update…

Ok, last Thursday I lied and said I would have a life update on Friday…I really meant Monday. Actually, I did mean Friday but I just didn’t get around to it.

Instead, I am sitting by the pool…all alone (ahhhh….peace) and writing an update. But that means many of the pics I wanted to use are not with me oh my phone…so this will be a text heavy post. Deal with it!

Since the babies were born, life has felt like a whirlwind…always trying to catch our breath…this winter things got a bit crazier!

After the holidays we decided we wanted to pursue moving closer to family…as we were home visiting both families, we realized we didn’t want the babies growing up only ever seeing their extended family on holidays. So, Greg and I talked and we were both on the very same page and decide to move forward with pursuing a move to Michigan.

Nothing really happens till end of January when we decided to list the house as Greg was job hunting. We imagined it would be harder to sell a house than find a job so we were trying to time things out so they would seamlessly happen together. Ha. That was a joke!

We got our house ready and listed it on February 14. Within minutes of being listed, we had several showings set up and within 6 hours of being listed we had an offer. A really GOOD offer. We accepted and had until the end of April before we were to close and had to be out…plenty of time for Greg to find a job, right?

Closing day was approaching and no job prospects yet. So we found an apartment “just in case”…turns out we had to pack up and move into the apartment as we signed away our house. It was so hard for me to leave that house….for an apartment. So anticlimactic!

In between those few months of making the decision to move forward and actually moving out of the house we had to start packing things up, clean things up, move, not to mention the countless hours that Greg spent looking and applying for jobs. Oh and we left the babies for a whole week as we had a trip already planned. A Relaxing time, but hard to be away at such a busy time. Once we moved into the apartment things only got busier! We had a few more trips, plus flights for interviews for Greg, all while trying to maintain sanity while living in a loud, smaller than we are used to space…I mean, Sophia’s crib is set up in our walk in closest…girlfriend has the tiniest room in town. Ha! Anyway, it’s been nuts.

But, praise God, Greg got a job a few weeks back! We are so so thankful! Wow! We sure have been blessed! This means that just as things were finding a place to call home in the apartment, we have to think about packing them up. That’s really a good thing, but crazy nonetheless!

So now we are getting ready to wrap things up in Minneapolis, and move….but we have no where to go at this point. We did take a quick trip back to Michigan last weekend to house hunt and actually offered on a house, but someone else won the bidding war. This simply means that when we get back we will be doing some hard core house hunting and living with grandma and grandpa Ventura in the mean time…though I can’t complain about the extra sets of hands to help!

We have had a lot of abnormal schedules and going here and there and the babies really have been troopers. But I do look forward to the day when we are in our own home and life can feel a bit more normal. The last 6 months have been anything but normal. While I am so sad to leave my Minneapolis home and family, I know we are making the right decision for our family and sweet babies!

For now, I am soaking up the relaxation and warmth of the sun on a week long vacation! It’s great to spend this time together before things get nuts again!

So hang in there with me! I will be back as frequently as possible but, as the trend has been, it probably won’t be daily for a while yet! Someday 🙂

I will end this post with a pic of my cute little fish enjoying fun in the sun!



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