weekend/roadtrip fun…

Ok I lied, the road trip part of this weekend was zero fun. I know, I am lame…everyone likes roadtrips. But truthfully, I don’t love them, and I love them less with babies…and even less overnight.

But it went really well! Thankfully! We set out around 3:30 on Friday after decoding at 2 pm that we would utilize some day time hours rather than waiting till babies’ 7 pm bedtime. So in 90 minutes we scrambled to pack up about half of the stuff we still hadn’t packed, got it all loaded, grabbed babies, and hit the road!



We drove about an hour and a half, then babies needed a dinner break so we stopped on Baldwin, WI for some A&W! Yum!


We loaded back up and drove another hour or so and then stopped to let babes move around and get PJs on and have a bed time snack. We read some books and then back in the car. Soon after they were out!! Thank you bed time!


The rest of the weekend was fun part as we were able to catch up on sleep with the help of all the family around, as well as the babes enjoying some new scenery, and Greg and I getting out for a date!



Thankful we survived the long trek and glad it’s now behind us 🙂 After much anticipation we are IN MICHIGAN and excited to adjust to our new surroundings and life in the Mitten State!


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  1. Debbie ventura

    What a joy to come home to baby giggles and slobbery kisses!

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