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my big sister’s wedding…

My big sister, Ede, got engaged right after the babies were born last summer…so in my head, the time between then and the wedding was forever ago…but when you have two babies, time flies…so it’s hard to believe that the wedding has already come and gone!

We were realy hoping to be in Michigan by the time of the wedding so we didn’t have to make a trip for the wedding and a trip for the move. Lucky for us, we rolled into town for the big move a week before the wedding! We were able to be here for all the festivities!

It was a busy, fun, and memorable wedding weekend! The bride and groom were beautiful and everyone had a great time!

Congrats to Ede and James!















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what we have been up to lately…

Last time I wrote (I believe) we had just moved to Michigan. We a lot has happened since then…

We have since celebrated my older sister’s wedding…

We have celebrated my 30 th birthday….

We have moved forward with the purchase of our new home (pending closing this week)…

We have explored our temporary area as well as a bit of our future area…

We have {and by we, I mean the babies} gotten into every imaginable “no no” nook and cranny of grandma and grandpa’s house…

We have {babies} cut several new teeth (oh Lord)….

The list goes on and on but the point is that its been crazy BUSY! I always say that, but it is true, and I am beginning to think life will always be crazy busy from now on!

So I will leave you with a quick picture of my cuddly cuties and another promise to be back more often in hopes that I can keep up…if for no one else’s sake, but mine!


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