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embrace the camera!


Got this gem of a pic last night before bed! It’s rare we are all in a picture. Of course the babies aren’t looking but I love it nonetheless! It really tells a story…

Greg and I are tired with pure exhaustion from the day {mama from chasing babies all day…dada from driving over an hour to get to/from work, and working hard all day}…babies finally slowing down for the day…Sophia {daddy’s girl} snuggled up to Greg and Joshua {mama’s boy} snuggles up to me. Getting one last sip of milk for the day.

The days are always full and there are many memorable moments but this one…this one at the end of the day is almost always my favorite! Glad we captured it in a picture!


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Introducing our FINISHED garage entry!

Why we decided to start with the least seen area of the house, I have no idea! But we did…and it’s done…




See that icky beige in the background of last picture? The entire house is that color…walls, trim, doors…drab! So glad the house is slowly transforming to the crisp white trim and colored walls!

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weekend fun!

This weekend was the perfect fall weekend! Seriously! The crisp breeze and sunny skies! Love this time of the year!

We kicked off the weekend with date night on Friday while grandma Ventura watched the babies! We grabbed some Mexican food to celebrate Greg’s day! Tasty!

Saturday morning my mom and I went to a big Mom2Mom sale (a big garage sale essentially) and to JoAnn Fabric! Fun to have some time out and we found some great deals on toys and clothes for the babies!

After the babies napped we went to a closeby apple orchard—Plymouth Orchards–to enjoy the fresh air, animals, and warm donuts with cider!






We didn’t make it to church on Sunday due to our lingering colds so we did some grocery shopping in the morning and lunch and naps as normal. While babies napped I made some
muffins for the babies and cleaned up and Greg worked in the yard and cleaned up this bad boy…


After the babies woke up we took them out to check out this neighborhood garage sale find! They mostly liked standing inside the “for” area…




We finished off the weekend with snuggles with daddy before he has to head back to work…


Why can’t weekends be three days long?! Happy Monday, folks!


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outdoor space + water table turned sand table

When we found out house I was super excited about our yard! We have a corner lot so only a house to one side and the land is flat and open! Perfect for little tots running around!

We have a pretty brick patio for our table and toys and nice yard space for kicking balls and playing in the snow {in a few months}.

But it will definitely need some work at some point! It doesn’t have ANY shade trees! This means that when the afternoon sun pops out, it is super hot and the sun is quite direct! Nice on cooler days but I know the heat will be a beast on those mid-summer days!





And today we spent time in our lovely outside space playing with our water table…minus the water…plus some sand! We got the water table as a birthday gift from our Twin Twin friends this summer and have splashed around it a ton…but as the weather is changing I realized water may not be as ideal. We loaded up, went to Home Depot and grabbed a 50 bag of sand {actually I got some kid to grab the 50 pound bag}…during nap time mama cleaned up the table, hauled the bag to the back yard, and got it set up with sand!

I think the babies are confused about the contents trying to splash and “throw” the water is not the same when you have sand…now to teach them to keep the sand in the table…there were many breaks from the table yesterday. This may be a long process!

Either way we had fun burying animals, driving cars through the sand, and running our fingers in this new substance!


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one word wednesday.



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weekend fun!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…the weekend was two days ago! A day late, and a dollar short…but here we go…

This was a rather traumatic weekend for my little Joshy! Ok, I am being DRamatic, but the poor kid couldn’t catch a break!

Friday we went to the library to play with daddy and Aunt Sarah who was visiting…Joshua was running around like normal, pushing trucks, climbing steps…well, his face landed on top of said truck when he lost his balance. Blood curdling screams throughout the library and when I looked down at him, blood was dripping out of his mouth! Aye! Fat lip for little dude 😦


Luckily we remedied the ouchie with a walk to see the ducks! Sophia has never been super intrigued by the ducks like Joshua, but on Friday she was trying to chase and grab them! It was funny to watch!



We didn’t think the trauma should stop there, so we took Joshua to get his haircut on Saturday! He has had two precious hair cuts and neither were a big deal. He didn’t really like water sprayed in his face but he never cried or screamed. This time, however, screaming the entire time! Climbing off my lap, crying, squirming….it was quite miserable! And because he didn’t sit still his hair is rather choppy! Ah well, it’s shorter!


Thank goodness we had grandma and Aunt Ede coming over to babysit so Greg and I could go out! I needed to get out after that haircut! Cuddles with my girl before heading out!


And as if we didn’t already torture Joshua enough, we put him in the church nursery on Sunday morning. First time since our most recent move and it was the saddest thing! He screamed and cried as I passed him to the worker and I had to just walk away listening to him…Greg went to check a few times for me and he was settled, but it didn’t last long. The number they assigned to us flashed across the screen during the service so I ran to get him…major tears and red face :(. I scooped him up and sat in the lobby with him….he nuzzled against my chest and quickly drifted to sleep! Poor love was so exhausted from all that crying. He just wanted his mama!


We spent the remainder of Sunday taking naps, running to Costco and looking at animal flash cards! Little Sophia was quite the trooper listening to all the screaming and crying and even offered her pacifier to Joshua several times when he was sad…and if you know pacifier-obsessed Sophia, that’s huge!



Weekends are always too short! Alas, we have another weekend to look forward to in a matter of days!

Happy Tuesday!

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we bought a house…and moved in…and baby proofed…and painted.

As mentioned in a previous post, another thing that has been keeping us busy has been preparing to close on our new house!

Well we have officially closed (as of two weeks ago)! It’s a great feeling, but a little anticlimactic after already owning a house before. Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled! Maybe more so than last time. But the actual signing of the papers was not nearly as exciting…heck, we didn’t even get the keys at closing (it was in the lock box at the house). So basically we signed papers, handed over money, and left empty handed. Anticlimactic.

But all that said, we feel so SO blessed and excited to be in our new home. A week ago we moved in and so we begin the journey of making it “our own”…the bones of the house are just about exactly what we wanted. The cosmetics of the house…well, lets just say it needs a little TLC! Nothing a little paint and fabric can’t fix!




Almost immediately after moving in (the babies were at grandma and grandpa’s house that first day) we baby proofed! Hallelujah! I have never been more excited about baby gates and cabinet locks!


Painting is going to take forever as literally every surface needs paint. We did get some done over move in weekend with help from family, but the rest of the week we have tried to find the energy to tackle painting but have failed miserably. Hoping to step it up this weekend and tackle a few rooms!




Yes! That is orange! I love it! It’s a little bit much since we don’t have any curtains or wall decor to break it up yet, but it will be great when all is said and done! Felt like we needed to do something a bit crazy!

More on the progress of the house in days to come!

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