we bought a house…and moved in…and baby proofed…and painted.

As mentioned in a previous post, another thing that has been keeping us busy has been preparing to close on our new house!

Well we have officially closed (as of two weeks ago)! It’s a great feeling, but a little anticlimactic after already owning a house before. Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled! Maybe more so than last time. But the actual signing of the papers was not nearly as exciting…heck, we didn’t even get the keys at closing (it was in the lock box at the house). So basically we signed papers, handed over money, and left empty handed. Anticlimactic.

But all that said, we feel so SO blessed and excited to be in our new home. A week ago we moved in and so we begin the journey of making it “our own”…the bones of the house are just about exactly what we wanted. The cosmetics of the house…well, lets just say it needs a little TLC! Nothing a little paint and fabric can’t fix!




Almost immediately after moving in (the babies were at grandma and grandpa’s house that first day) we baby proofed! Hallelujah! I have never been more excited about baby gates and cabinet locks!


Painting is going to take forever as literally every surface needs paint. We did get some done over move in weekend with help from family, but the rest of the week we have tried to find the energy to tackle painting but have failed miserably. Hoping to step it up this weekend and tackle a few rooms!




Yes! That is orange! I love it! It’s a little bit much since we don’t have any curtains or wall decor to break it up yet, but it will be great when all is said and done! Felt like we needed to do something a bit crazy!

More on the progress of the house in days to come!


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