weekend fun!

Glad to have daddy at home with us this weekend!

Weekend started with a slow, rainy morning. Mama got to sleep in…TREAT!!! We read books, played and had some family over for bagels and play time! We planned to go to the apple orchard but it was too wet!


We also had snacks in our cozy little hide out spots…



The adults in the house also worked on getting a few things done…framing some pictures and getting one more gate up…



Seems like a silly place for a gate but when you have two babies who like to plop down in front of the door, block you out, and cry when you leave to get the other babe from the car, this gate is crucial. A month after living here we finally got one!

Sunday we made it to church and the babies stayed in the nursery the whole time…except the last five minutes. I blame the meltdown (for one) on the 5-something wake up time. Who wakes up at 5?!

It was rainy again but after naps we headed out for a walk and risked the 90% rain forecast and headed to a park to see the ducks and then found a play structure that was completely empty…may have had something to do with all the puddles and the rest of the rain predicted?! We had a blast and got to run off our energy!



And we finally spotted FALL on our walk home!


Had a great weekend despite the rain an some early mornings! How was your weekend?


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