morning shenanigans!

Every morning we wake up, play, eat breakfast, watch a show, and then I say “let’s go upstairs so we can get dressed!”…the babies scurry to the stairs, I open the gate, and it’s like I have just given them the greatest gift…access to the stairs! Oh the stairs!

Joshua always goes up first and Sophia takes her sweet time. But as of lately they play this game where Joshua goes to the landing half way up the stairs and waits for Sophia…and he peers down over the steps below to catch a glimpse of her…and when he does he laughs and backs away fast.

After about 5-10 mins of this we finally get upstairs where their world is about to be rocked once again…free reign of the second level!

When we moved in, it was of great importance that we set up the house and made it safe for them to be able to roam from room to room on either level of the house. Had we not done this, I would never get anything done. So as it stands, we get upstairs, I close the gate at the top of the stairs as let them run. Aside from their bathroom they can pretty much go to any room and I feel comfortable with them in there alone. Obviously I don’t leave them for long without checking but I can go to our room to get ready or put away laundry or make our bed.

Anyway, eventually they come find me and our room is the place least baby proofed which means the greatest amount of fun and entertainment for them. So while I am brushing my teeth I often here them getting into those last two boxes we still haven’t unpacked…


Or completely emptying my perfectly folded clothes from my drawer…


ALWAYS, always taking toilet paper off the roll…


And on the rare occasion that they are quiet, I find them doing cute things like sitting on the small mattress from their pack and play…just sitting. That’s it…no funny business, just hanging, the two of them.


The thing is that normally I would be so annoyed because our already messy house is becoming more messy and chaotic, but I have come to smile and just expect this to happen. Ok, who am I kidding…some days it still annoys me! BUT! It only takes a few minutes to put the clothes back or to straighten up again…and it’s so worth it.

Why?! Because They are happily entertaining themselves and I actually get five seconds to brush my teeth and make sure my face isn’t too frightening before we head out into the real world for the day!

Thankful for these fun, crazy moments in our already busy mornings!



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2 responses to “morning shenanigans!

  1. d2bb32av

    Amazing what these two can accomplish in such a short period of time! So glad you don’t let it bother you – too much! 😉

  2. Meg

    This is incredible!!!!!!! I love it!

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