this has got to be a joke…

So Greg was traveling this week. Not my favorite kind of week, but I was embracing it and actually had a decent amount of solo parenting energy! The week was going well…we were having fun…and then last night happened.

We had just finished dinner and needed to get some fresh air before baths and bed…so we bundled up and went for a walk. Upon our return I unbundled everyone in the garage, and went to open the door. Except it wouldn’t open. Took my gloves off thinking i just had a bad grip. Still wouldn’t open.

You have got to be joking me!

We are locked out of the house and Greg it’s even in the state. And at this point we are minutes away from when we normally get ready for bed.

I call my sister who lives down the street. She is at a work function. Call my mom. She doesn’t answer. Call my brother. Mom is not there babysitting which I thought may be the case. Call mom again. She answered.

Thank goodness!

Mom to the rescue. She had just gotten home (or close) from work and turned around immediately to save the day. Whew.

In the mean time I closed the garage door so I could let the babies out of the stroller to burn off some energy. Keep in mind they were wearing no shoes (just socks) since our quick stroll was only supposed to last 10 mins max. White socks. Joshua was wearing bright white socks.

I quickly realized that the garage is the least ideal place to let the babies play. They were getting into the trash, heading for the rakes, and attempting to look under the car…which means crawling under the car. Lovely. Oh and did I mention Sophia immediately spotted a huge dead cricket? She did.

So I quickly blocked off half the garage using the van and the sand table…


..and laid down a blanket from the car to cover up the dead cricket and to give us a few square feet of “clean” space…


And we waited it out. For the most part the babies and fun and had no clue how much fun I was NOT having. About a half hour or so later, grandma arrived to save the day!

She opened the door and I immediately put the babies in the bath. Clean those dirty little feet fast! Lucky me, she stayed to help get them into bed too!

After they were tucked in bed I finally had a chance to figure out the lock situation…cause did I mention that I left for our walk and didn’t lock the door and came back to the door locked. Yeah, it wasn’t that I just forgot my keys. I do have mommy brain but not that badly 🙂

Let’s rewind. My dad had been visiting earlier in the day and when he left, apparently I locked the garage door because I didn’t expect to leave the house for the remainder of the evening. Well I didn’t remember that because when I opened the door to go for this unplanned walk, it opened. I didn’t have to unlock it…and also maybe I didn’t remember because of mommy brain.

Either way I assumed the door was unlocked when it opened but we have this fancy door that locks from the outside and stays unlocked on the inside. My mom said its a safety feature…not safe when you are locked. Grrrr!

But we survived and are alive to tell the story. Thankful that my mom was able to come help us out and thankful that I now know this tricky little detail about our door.

Now…to make and hide an extra key…


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  1. Debbie

    Have I mentioned how thankful I am that you live within 30 minutes…. for times like this …. and just because!

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