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I am so thankful that we live in a time that allows for easy photo taking. My days sometimes seem like a blur so it’s great when I can flip through pictures at the end of the day and say “oh yeah…that happened” or even better, share moments of our day with Greg when he’s home!

I don’t use a high quality camera because the convenience of an iPhone is just so much more practical for me. This means that the photos are often blurry but it also means I can get a picture at just the right moment (since my phone is always handy) and sometimes if I am lucky I will get the non blurry picture!

Here is a collage of a moment in time that just made me giggle, made me proud, and left me with one of those slivers in time that I can fondly look back on and remember…


Apparently food from your sisters tray is better than the food you left on your tray! Let me show you these in sequence a little closer up…

I got Joshua down from lunch as he appeared to be done and he quickly ran over to Sophia’s tray and reached his grubby little fingers up as high as they would go to rummage around for some food…


At first she didn’t notice but then once she saw his hand, she offered him something….


Their hands actually met {surprising since they could barely see each other} and he grabbed the food! Sophia was so proud that she gave them the food that she really didn’t want to eat, and that he willingly took it from her and gobbled it up…


When that didn’t satisfy him and he didn’t turn around and leave, Sophia decided it would be best to put the food straight in Joshy’s mouth to assure that he would devour it…


And devour it he did! Joshua’s belly was happy and Sophia was happy she squeaked away with a few less peas and bites of sandwich!

Twin Teamwork at its finest!

So glad that moment was captured!



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No. Way.

I kid you not…I was fully convinced that yesterday was Wednesday.

That’s why at 10 pm I quickly opened my WordPress app and found a picture to post for “one word wednesday”….I posted just in time to shut off the lights and sleep well knowing that I didn’t forget to post on my blog…

And just now as I was thinking about posting today, I thought…


Today is wednesday.

But I thought yesterday was Wednesday.

I just TOTALLY lost track of my days….

It really alerted that either

1. I am really far removed from the real world…


2. I am desperately awaiting the arrival of the end of the week when Greg’s work vacation {notice I didn’t just say ‘vacation?’ …it’s cause there is never a vacation once you have kids living in your house…love them, but it ain’t no vacation around here}


3. I still have just as bad “mommy brain” as I did way back when they were itty bitty and I NEVER slept and I was delirious…or could it possibly be worse??

In any case, I apologize to all of you who I confused…I am sure you were reading thinking, “wait…today is Tuesday…why is she posting one word wednesday…wait, is it Tuesday?”

I can’t even leave you with a picture today…because no picture could truly depict how confused I was just a few minutes ago, when I realized that today was in fact wednesday!

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one word wednesday



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gobble gobble…a few weeks late

Bonus Monday post.  Mainly because I just realized with Christmas upon us, I am going to have a million things to post, so I must get our Thanksgiving documented before I start documenting the next holiday.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house with all of Greg’s family and part of my family.  But you know how when most people host, they make all the food and do all the dishes?  That’s not how I host.  I host by assigning people food to bring, and only helping with the clean up.  But I had just had my appendix out, so I had a good excuse, right?  Actually that was my plan the whole time, so I can’t really use that as an excuse.

Either way we had a great time gathered together.  The food was delicious, the day was relaxing, and the company was wonderful.ImageImage

IMG_9433 IMG_9439 IMG_9456 IMG_9461

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December 16, 2013 · 7:01 pm

weekend fun!

Weekends are always jam packed! It’s our chance to fit in family activities as well as our time to get things done around here. We usually pick family time over getting things done, but once in a while we manage to sneak in a few productive things!

Saturday we went to a Christmas party for families at Greg’s company. The idea was great but the outcome, not so great. We has a long ride because we were driving through a snow storm and the babies did really well considering. We got there and the first hour was awesome! Babies had fun running around and eating cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Lots and lots of sugar. They also sat and wrote letters to Santa…aka scribbling and eating crayons….


Then it was our turn to wait in line to see Santa. At this point we were already into the babies’ normal nap time…so you can imagine what sugar may do to any toddler…but a toddler ready for sleep, a sugar rush, and having to wait…disaster. They really just wanted to run and sleep and run and eat more sugar so we had to deal with several tantrums. Not even the iPad could get them to sit still.

Seeing Santa didn’t go any better. Both crying and screaming and trying to escape our hold. This was the only pic I got…


Needless to say I wasn’t as composed as I would have hoped but as soon as the babes got their gifts from Santas helpers, we were OUTTA there!

When we got home we put babies down and my sister, mom and grandma were at our house so we could have our family Christmas cookie baking day!



The babies woke up and ate more cookies…


And then we bundled up to head out and run off all of that sugar…

First time in the snow! They had fun but were slow moving and easily got stuck 🙂




Sunday was more playing in the snow, and more relaxing, in between loads of laundry and layers of snow to shovel off our exceptionally big driveway and extra long side-lot sidewalks! Greg managed to get out for his indoor soccer league and I made it out for some mama time getting our Christmas cards ready!


Oh and babies turned 18 months! What!!?? Pics to come this week!

Full weekend! Hope you had a great one!

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deck the halls…

It’s Friday! Let’s talk about something fun!

After much discussion, we decided to attempt having a Christmas tree and decorations {minimal} out this year.

I was completely anticipating the worst…babies yanking down the tree, breaking ornaments, etc etc.

But I am happy to report that our pretty little twinkly tree is still standing and only a few of the soft ornaments {which were strategically placed at the bottom} have been rearranged. Whew!

After the babies went to bed last Friday we put up the tree and got some decorations for the mantle….


I purposely left off the ornaments in the event that they tried to climb up the tree. But this is the response we got when they woke up…



They were completely fascinated! They wanted to look and touch but with a few “just look…no touch…” reminders they caught on and we haven’t had too many issues!

Once in a while I will find some of the soft ornaments on the ground by the tree but if I see them going for the tree and give a gentle reminder they typically listen. Amazing!

Having the lights on in the evening is so magical and cozy…but we keep them on all day and like them during the day just as much!


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back in action…PART 3

Let’s wrap up this series of Debbie Downer posts with the grand finale…part 3 of my bloggy break….warning…it’s long!

Greg and I were on our way home from Indiana and stopped for lunch on Sunday. I ate my whole lunch but I just felt a little off…a little nauseous. I thought maybe it was lack of sleep…maybe lack of eating well while away…but didn’t think much more.

Came home to happy, healthy babes and was ready for life to resume as usual.

Monday rolled around and I still felt off, as I did on the way home. Except now it seemed a little worse. I was nauseous but didn’t think I was going to throw up…and I had this dull ache throughout my entire lower abdomen. I just dealt with it and counted down the hours till Greg came home.

Tuesday morning I woke up still feeling pretty gross and the dull ache just didn’t let up. I told Greg I needed to go to the doc cause it wasn’t getting any better, so he stayed home with the babies. Doctor talked to me and poked around on my belly and declared that it was in fact a ….VIRUS. Remember how much I dislike that word?! Yeah. Still dislike it. I went home and tried to rest the remainder of the day while Greg was home and got to bed early that night.

Wednesday I woke up still feeling ill. I now had chills and the ache would get worse if I laid a certain way or even sometimes if I ate something. It was so odd but I sent Greg to work because a virus means you just have to get through it. I decided to nap when the babies took a nap but couldn’t sleep because I felt so icky. I couldn’t get comfy…I was cold…I had a fever…I just knew something was not right.

After an hour of tossing and turning I got up to call Greg and felt slightly light headed. I took my temp and it had spiked. I told him I needed him to come home since I didn’t feel good about being so off while alone with the babies. He was able to come home within a few hours.

Before Greg got home I called the nurse line to see if they had any insight or suggestions…I was in queue to be called back. Greg got home and I crawled into bed. Called the nurse line again because I hadn’t heard back. They told me they still had my info and someone would call me back…

At this point I knew I needed to be seen and now it was getting too late to go to our clinic. So I decided to go to Urgent Care and I arranged to have my sister come over to be with babies since I just had this feeling I would need Greg.

Got there, got in….they can’t read my blood pressure. They determine my blood pressure is low due to dehydration so they hook me up to an IV…


So much fun. Not.

As we waited for a few tests to come back the pain started to move more specifically to my right lower ab…as opposed to an all over ache. The doctor came in and said nothing came back conclusive…so she poked around my belly and I nearly jumped off the table. As I winced in pain she said “oh…you need to go to the ER to get a scan to check for appendicitis…”


Until then I never imagined it could be that because the pain was so inconsistent and never a “doubling over in pain” kind of feeling. But when she pushed on my right side I realized it was a good possibility.

Off to the ER we went. My mom took over baby duty as we sat in triage in the ER. She took good care of them but I felt awful for leaving them so abruptly and not even really saying bye…I could not have anticipated a trip to the ER!

Finally got back to a room, saw a few people, and waited hours to see a doc. Once we saw the doc and he heard the whole story, he ordered a scan to check on my appendix. Another few hours went by {worst hours yet…drinking this nasty drink every 30 minutes, four times…I just wanted water, and food, and they gave me their special concoction instead} and I was wheeled back to get a scan. The pain came and went and I was fully expecting them to say my appendix was just fine.

Another hour after scan a nurse came and brought some antibiotics for my IV…I asked why and he said there was an infection going on…so I thought “oh this will be a quick fix…”

Then another nurse came with more fluids. I asked what that was for and she said “well it’s a prep for surgery…oh did anyone tell you? You need to have your appendix taken out…”

Oh, thanks for keeping me in the loop.


We saw the resident surgeon who scared the living dayligjts out of me as he gives me the play by play of the surgery and risks etc. Then within 45 minutes they wheeled me up to pre surgery.

I asked a zillion more questions about the surgey and being put under {to stall of course} and finally they got sick of my questions and said “ok, say goodbye and give Greg a kiss…” They asked me a few questions about the babies as we went back to the OR and then all i remember was seeing very bright lights and then I was out!

Then as if no time had passed, I woke up. I wasn’t sore and felt pretty ok but I was so so sleepy. They kept talking to me and I just wanted to sleep. Finally Greg came back to see me and eventually we got set up in a room.

By this time it’s very early morning (5-6) so Greg crashed but I couldn’t. Between docs and nurses coming in and lights and an awful bed, I just couldn’t sleep. But I was so so excited that I barely felt any discomfort. It was hard to move but the pain was super tolerable.


Then as the day progressed the pain got worse…and worse…and then it was time to be discharged. Part of me wanted to stay to get more of the good medicine but by 6 pm we were off! I waited till the babies were in bed so I could get a few more hours of healing before they potentially climbed on me…my mom headed out since the babies were in bed and Greg was on duty for all of us!

The next morning Greg brought the babies, the iPad, and snacks up to our room so I could see them but keep them a bit at a distance…


Greg took great care of the babies that day and once everyone was in bed Greg started not feeling well. Like throwing up several meals worth of not feeling well. What the heck!!!! I was of no use…Greg was of no use…and we had two babies just doors down to be cared for. I called my mom and within minutes she was on her way back.

She woke up with the babies the next morning and we decided it would be best for her to take them to her house so we could rest and recover. I felt so sad cause they didn’t understand what was going on but off they went and it was the best decision we made!

Greg slowly recovered and so did I. Little by little. The babies came back on Sunday evening and Greg prepared to go to work the next day.

Except slight problem….I was instructed not to lift more than 10 pounds for 1-2 weeks. Umm…I have two babies much heavier than that…and Greg can’t stay home forever. We are so blessed that our family literally came to our rescue. While I was improving, I was far from GREAT…so for that first week after surgery I had someone with me most of the day, every day, to help with the babies. It was hard not to lift them cause they just wanted mama but we did lots of cuddling on the couch to make up for the lack of picking up.

The next week was Thanksgiving and it really wasn’t until several days after thanksgiving that I felt normal again.

So there you have it!

That’s how a month and a half goes by without even blinking. And that’s why I was so absent. Not that I will be back and blogging every day, but I sure hope it’s not as infrequent as it was during the month of SICK!

And….I promise to have some fun and happy posts here in the next few days 🙂

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