back in action….PART 1

It’s been a really long time since I have even signed into my blog. Super long. So long that I have no idea when I blogged last. I just know a million events have happened between then and now.

The reason for the little break was really not very fun at all…we weren’t off frolicking on the sandy beaches of Mexico or even getting house projects done.

We were sick. Every last one of us in the Mohr, party of four. It was brutal.

I will back up and share a glimpse of my good excuse for being absent….

About week or so before Halloween the babies came down with a cold…runny noses, trouble breathing at night, the usual. Except the cold didn’t go away and actually seemed to continue to progress in the wrong direction. We finally took the babies into Urgent Care one weekend …



We heard the dreaded…it’s a virus. Aka, we can’t do a thing to make your babies feel better. Let it run it’s course. Blah!

So we went home and did lots of cuddling the next few days…




On Tuesday after we were in urgent care Sophia woke with a pretty high fever and sounded like she was having a hard time breathing. We brought her to bed with us and called the nurse line. They scheduled an appointment for us the next morning to have her seen at our clinic. Greg stayed home to be with Joshua so I loaded up my sick babe and went in. The office visit only lasted a short time because after the doctor listened to her and her heart she was relatively concerned about an elevated heart rate. So much so that she sent is straight to the University of Michigan pediatrics ER.

I was shocked and scared out of my mind but I had enough composure to swing by the house to grab a few things. Once I saw Greg I lost it. I was so worried about my little peanut that I just couldn’t keep it together. After much sobbing we were on our way.

It was so scared so I called my sister (Greg was still at home with J) STILL sobbing asking if she could meet me so I didn’t have to be alone. She left work immediately and was waiting when we arrived. What a relief.

We got in and the mood continued to be very URGENT…get her in a room right away…get her hooked up right away…it was fast and furious and that only made me even more worried. After lots of initial checking and finally seeing the doctor they decided she had a good case of croup which spiked her fever, and elevated her heart rate significantly. They did an EKG and all came back completely normal. We stayed several hours while they monitored Sophia…they wanted her to eat and drink before they let us go.

Poor little love…




We finally went home and within a few days little Joshy started coming down with same croup symptoms but not nearly as bad.

It took a full week to ten days after the hospital visit until the babies weren’t miserable. That was rough.

We thought we were out of the woods and then both Greg and I came down with the respiratory virus. NOT. FUN. Several days when I had no voice and was trying to wrangle my toddler duo. Also NOT. FUN.

So that took a good 2-3 weeks of our lives.

Tune in tomorrow for the second half of the story of my blogging break…


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  1. d2bb32av

    Pictures of sick babies makes me sad! ;-{

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