deck the halls…

It’s Friday! Let’s talk about something fun!

After much discussion, we decided to attempt having a Christmas tree and decorations {minimal} out this year.

I was completely anticipating the worst…babies yanking down the tree, breaking ornaments, etc etc.

But I am happy to report that our pretty little twinkly tree is still standing and only a few of the soft ornaments {which were strategically placed at the bottom} have been rearranged. Whew!

After the babies went to bed last Friday we put up the tree and got some decorations for the mantle….


I purposely left off the ornaments in the event that they tried to climb up the tree. But this is the response we got when they woke up…



They were completely fascinated! They wanted to look and touch but with a few “just look…no touch…” reminders they caught on and we haven’t had too many issues!

Once in a while I will find some of the soft ornaments on the ground by the tree but if I see them going for the tree and give a gentle reminder they typically listen. Amazing!

Having the lights on in the evening is so magical and cozy…but we keep them on all day and like them during the day just as much!



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