weekend fun!

Weekends are always jam packed! It’s our chance to fit in family activities as well as our time to get things done around here. We usually pick family time over getting things done, but once in a while we manage to sneak in a few productive things!

Saturday we went to a Christmas party for families at Greg’s company. The idea was great but the outcome, not so great. We has a long ride because we were driving through a snow storm and the babies did really well considering. We got there and the first hour was awesome! Babies had fun running around and eating cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. Lots and lots of sugar. They also sat and wrote letters to Santa…aka scribbling and eating crayons….


Then it was our turn to wait in line to see Santa. At this point we were already into the babies’ normal nap time…so you can imagine what sugar may do to any toddler…but a toddler ready for sleep, a sugar rush, and having to wait…disaster. They really just wanted to run and sleep and run and eat more sugar so we had to deal with several tantrums. Not even the iPad could get them to sit still.

Seeing Santa didn’t go any better. Both crying and screaming and trying to escape our hold. This was the only pic I got…


Needless to say I wasn’t as composed as I would have hoped but as soon as the babes got their gifts from Santas helpers, we were OUTTA there!

When we got home we put babies down and my sister, mom and grandma were at our house so we could have our family Christmas cookie baking day!



The babies woke up and ate more cookies…


And then we bundled up to head out and run off all of that sugar…

First time in the snow! They had fun but were slow moving and easily got stuck 🙂




Sunday was more playing in the snow, and more relaxing, in between loads of laundry and layers of snow to shovel off our exceptionally big driveway and extra long side-lot sidewalks! Greg managed to get out for his indoor soccer league and I made it out for some mama time getting our Christmas cards ready!


Oh and babies turned 18 months! What!!?? Pics to come this week!

Full weekend! Hope you had a great one!


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  1. d2bb32av

    Oh my goodness… I didn’t even realize that Saturday, Joshua and Sophia turned 18 months old! Happy Happy HAPPY 18 months! What a wonderful ride so far! Love you so very much – Grandma

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