No. Way.

I kid you not…I was fully convinced that yesterday was Wednesday.

That’s why at 10 pm I quickly opened my WordPress app and found a picture to post for “one word wednesday”….I posted just in time to shut off the lights and sleep well knowing that I didn’t forget to post on my blog…

And just now as I was thinking about posting today, I thought…


Today is wednesday.

But I thought yesterday was Wednesday.

I just TOTALLY lost track of my days….

It really alerted that either

1. I am really far removed from the real world…


2. I am desperately awaiting the arrival of the end of the week when Greg’s work vacation {notice I didn’t just say ‘vacation?’ …it’s cause there is never a vacation once you have kids living in your house…love them, but it ain’t no vacation around here}


3. I still have just as bad “mommy brain” as I did way back when they were itty bitty and I NEVER slept and I was delirious…or could it possibly be worse??

In any case, I apologize to all of you who I confused…I am sure you were reading thinking, “wait…today is Tuesday…why is she posting one word wednesday…wait, is it Tuesday?”

I can’t even leave you with a picture today…because no picture could truly depict how confused I was just a few minutes ago, when I realized that today was in fact wednesday!


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One response to “No. Way.

  1. d2bb32av

    So what is my excuse for not remember what day it is???

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