I am so thankful that we live in a time that allows for easy photo taking. My days sometimes seem like a blur so it’s great when I can flip through pictures at the end of the day and say “oh yeah…that happened” or even better, share moments of our day with Greg when he’s home!

I don’t use a high quality camera because the convenience of an iPhone is just so much more practical for me. This means that the photos are often blurry but it also means I can get a picture at just the right moment (since my phone is always handy) and sometimes if I am lucky I will get the non blurry picture!

Here is a collage of a moment in time that just made me giggle, made me proud, and left me with one of those slivers in time that I can fondly look back on and remember…


Apparently food from your sisters tray is better than the food you left on your tray! Let me show you these in sequence a little closer up…

I got Joshua down from lunch as he appeared to be done and he quickly ran over to Sophia’s tray and reached his grubby little fingers up as high as they would go to rummage around for some food…


At first she didn’t notice but then once she saw his hand, she offered him something….


Their hands actually met {surprising since they could barely see each other} and he grabbed the food! Sophia was so proud that she gave them the food that she really didn’t want to eat, and that he willingly took it from her and gobbled it up…


When that didn’t satisfy him and he didn’t turn around and leave, Sophia decided it would be best to put the food straight in Joshy’s mouth to assure that he would devour it…


And devour it he did! Joshua’s belly was happy and Sophia was happy she squeaked away with a few less peas and bites of sandwich!

Twin Teamwork at its finest!

So glad that moment was captured!



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  1. Debbie Ventura

    Share and share alike!!!

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