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daddy date!

One of my very favorite parts of the first year of the babies’ lives was our weekly lunch dates with Greg! It was so fun for me (mostly) to get out of the house and see Greg, but also fun for the babes to get dressed for an afternoon out on town!

Right around their first birthday, the babies transitioned to one nap a day which just happened to be over lunch hour…11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Boo. Since that transition, and the move (which now means a longer drive to Greg’s office than before) we haven’t done a lunch date.

However, yesterday we made the trek to Greg’s new office to see where he works and to meet a few people…




After making way too much noise, and getting into way too many things, we went down the street for a quick snack date with daddy! The babies gobbled up a donut (in fact someone….Joshua…ate mine as well) and just seemed so grown up compared to the days when they slept through lunch dates in their car seats…




I know this probably won’t happen weekly (the round trip drive was almost 1.5 hrs!!) but it will be fun to do this every once in a while!

Seeing daddy during the day is the best!



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embrace the camera.

Most nights after bath, I pass the babies off to Greg who plays with them, and gives them a snack while watching a show…this gives Greg some daddy time and it gives me a chance to get dinner going. Then I join in on the fun again with books and getting into bed.

A few nights ago I actually sat down for a bit longer than normal and got in some sweet cuddles! I get cuddles {and hanging on my legs} all day but the evening ones are so lovely…the babies really slow down and nuzzle in!


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sensory table: beans

Last week we had beans in our new sensory table/bin. I decided that each week we would have a new item in the table and play with it daily and try various activities.

With the beans we started with just playing with them…scooping and dumping and throwing…ugh. That was hard to stop because apparently to toddlers it is hilarious.

After a day or two of that we started adding objects into the table like letters and pretend bugs. We would hide them and search for them and when we found them we would shout out the name “letter p!” Or “grasshopper”.




Then for a few days we hide felt shapes and searched for those…


And finally the babies were bored with playing with beans 100 times so they got silly and started “bathing” in beans…



This was nothing fancy but it was fun to add “layers” to a pretty simple activity as the week went on. It was easy for mama because I didn’t have to change out the main part of the table …we just added to it!

One thing to note: it was brought to my attention by my wise father that beans, in most other countries, are not played with…people work really hard for them. Here we have the luxury of playing with them and not being concerned about “wasting” them. So, while we are blessed enough to explore with something like food, we have saved them and use them over and over so we are not wasting!


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weekend fun!

This weekend was pretty low key! We mostly stayed tucked in the house due to the cold and snowy roads! We were going to go visit grandma and grandpa but didn’t want to take the babies on the icky roads so we canceled!

Outside a quick run to the grocery and church we just played and played and played. These winter days are getting so looooong! Cannot wait till things warm up a bit so we can get out and about with more ease!

A few pics from our weekend…





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sick day :(

Sophia woke up early yesterday and then was super sleepy much earlier than normal nap time…


As you can see, she fell asleep on the floor, in the bright daylight…and as you can’t see, she also fell asleep with Joshua running around, crashing cars, and happily screaming….this is not a normal recipe for sleep but I did enjoy the few minutes of cuddling before I woke her. A cat nap = A crappy real nap so I didn’t want to mess things up for the rest of her day.

Joshua actually quieted down and played really nicely solo while I snuggled his sissy…


Well the sleepy head turned into a sick head! She ended up with a fever of 101 and just not herself. We laid low in the afternoon and snuggled on the couch lots!


Dinner was rough and we could tell she just didn’t feel well. Several melt downs later we made it to bed time! Whew:) Joshua took advantage of daddy cuddling Sophia, and snuggled up with mama…



Sleep wasn’t awesome since Sophia was feeling crummy still, but eventually she got a solid stretch of sleep! She woke up feeling pretty warm but after some meds and fluids she has perked up a bit this morning.

I sure hope it’s short lived and that Joshua avoids it…though it’s virtually impossible since they swap pacifiers and water bottles when I am not looking….

Glad it’s Friday!!! Weekend ahead to get our girl feeling all better!

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one word wednesday!



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weekend fun!

Friday evening started with a visit from grandma so that Greg and I could go to an event at church. It was nice to go out for a few hours and feel like we made some connections with other people with young families!

Saturday was gym time in the morning and hanging out in the afternoon. Mama snuck out to do groceries alone and brought back some stuff for our sensory bin! This week we will be playing with dry beans!




Sunday we went to church in the morning and unfortunately the babies had a hard time with drop off. They had been doing so well but this morning they cried the minute we started walking toward their classroom. Sophia calmed down but poor Joshy was too sad…so mama had to go get him after about 10-15 mins. Little man got snuggles and donut holes to cheer him up…


Sophia woke up from nap first so I took her with her Aunt Ede to get her first hair cut! She really wasn’t happy about it but she composed herself enough to get through the few snips that it took to even up her hair…which is really all we were looking to do! Such a big girl!


After that we picked up Greg and Joshy and went to play at the library for a while…




Full weekend but always sooooo thankful to have an extra set of hands, eyes, and ears so we can squeeze lots in a short amount of time!

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