Christmas Recap!

One of my kids…not naming names…was up at 5:40 today. HE {hint, hint} woke up with a really sad cry so I wonder if he had a bad dream. Either way, it’s a good 1, sometimes 2 hours earlier than normal days. Let’s see if I can get this post together without falling asleep…

Christmas was several weeks ago now…in a way it barely felt like it happened. So much anticipation with buying gifts, and wrapping, family get togethers, etc. And then it’s over! I really want to create some special traditions for our kids when it comes to holidays but the truth is that they are still way too young to understand or remember, so this year was pretty low key. Nothing exciting to share in terms of how we celebrated. Heck, the babies were way more interested in the boxes and paper than their new toys.

Anyway, it’s obviously a really special time of the year and I do hope that as the kids get older that we help them that there is much more to celebrating Christmas than just getting new toys!

For now I will share a few pictures…we celebrated with Greg’s family and my family and then as a small family of four…







We attempted a Christmas Eve service but there was no childcare available so we ended up in the Cry Room with the kids after singing about two words of Joy to the World….




A belated Merry Christmas from our crazy family to yours …



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