weekend fun!

This weekend sailed by as almost every weekend does!

Friday evening was spent celebrating my grandma’s 87th birthday! It was for dinner and too close to the babies’ bed time, so Greg stayed home and I went solo! Got to see one brother, my sister, and parents too! Always nice to spend time with family!



Saturday morning started with a grocery store run and then I went to a Zumba class with my sister while Greg played with babes and got them lunch! After naps we went outside to play because it felt so “warm” compared to last weekend! Sophia wanted a sled right but the snow was melting so it wasn’t very successful! But really…melting snow is a major success in my book 🙂

Grandma and grandpa Ventura came over to help with dinner and then gave babes a bath and played until it was bed time so Greg and I could go out for date night! We did several errands and then enjoyed sitting and talking over dinner!

Sunday morning was spent at church and Sunday afternoon was spent trying to get through the crowds at Costco…we even finished off the evening there for a slice of pizza for dinner! Best place to take loud toddlers for dinner 😉

Hope you all had a great weekend!

PS…lack of photos is due to the lack of space on my phone…must empty them to computer ASAP!


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