an outing!

With two in tow, there are only a handful of places that I feel 100% comfortable going to alone…we are in a stage that most places make me anxious because either the babies will throw a fit because they are antsy or bored…or they will run away in the one second I blink my eyes and I will be hearing a call over the loud speaker for a lost child. I am hopeful that some day I can take them out to many more places with confidence that they will stay closeby. For now their curiosity is just too great and that causes just too much worry to make it worth it.

So, as it stands, here are some places I am totally fine taking the babies to ALONE…

Target {we have been doing this since they were tiny babes at a few weeks of age}

Grocery store

Target {did I mention we probably go multiple times a week?!}

Costco {hello double carts!}

Target {the second location in town}

Do you follow a pattern? These are all places where they can be strapped into a cart or stroller and cannot escape! Best!

But I have been inspired by other brave mamas to twins who take their kids to library story time (uh, yeah, plenty of chance for a runaway kid) or music classes, etc.

So I got the brilliant idea to start small…a gigantic indoor playland!

We have been to this particular playland before as a family on then weekend and it was so busy and crowded that even with two adults it was stressful. But after we had been cooped up last week for so many days I knew we needed to get out and run off some steam. I knew this place had a contained baby area so I could totally do this alone, right?

We got there last week and were surprisingly the only people there (there were some people there doing a photo shoot but not playing)…so we played in the baby area and had a blast…




And for about 20 minutes the babies were unaware of what was beyond the baby area. Until sneaky Sophia climbed over the half wall and ran to the big kid playland. Joshua followed immediately. I was starting to panic because this place is huge! What if they ran in two directions? What if I lost one?

I am happy to report that they ran around an explored but it was really manageable to keep them closeby and they never found out how to climb up…there was enough on ground level that kept them busy….



We all had a really fun time! So much fun and so little stress that I decided we would be visiting regularly!

We actually went back yesterday morning and had the entire place to ourselves again for at least a half hour and then still only saw two other kids while we were there! Score!!!!! So much better to take kids places where other kids aren’t sneezing and coughing on them! Apparently the time to go is at 9 am on a Monday morning after everyone has had their weekend fill!

Since they had a taste of the big play area last time they wanted little to do with baby land. In fact Sophia cried and stomped her feet when I tried to suggest it. Woops! So off to big play land we ran. And this time i showed them how to climb up! #whatwasithinking

They actually did awesome and stayed close almost the whole time and it was so fun! We even made it up the super high slides and I managed to take them both down together. They loved it!



Oh and this place also has a cafe …you know, so moms and dads can sit on their computer and ignore their children. In any case, the display case has COOKIES exactly at the babies’ eye level {of course it does} and as we walked by I heard “MO COOK COOK”…translated: “MORE COOKIES!!!” Great.

So we enjoyed a snack, played some more, and headed home.


So thankful for a fun place to play, very few other kids around, and the ability to get out with the kids!


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