Our kids have never been climbers….

Not sure if it’s because I am a really mean mom and don’t let them “explore”…

Or if our furniture simply didn’t allow for them to climb {our couches are super deep and I can barely climb up on them, let alone shot legged babes}…

Or if they were just unaware at the endless possibilities and options with toddler climbing…

Either way, I always saw pictures floating around FB and Instagram and thought, “man, so glad our kids don’t climb, that would give me a heart attack…”

Well folks, in the last two days that has changed, and I can now saw I have official climbers {of things that shouldn’t be climbed}.

In some ways it’s really cute to see your kid sitting on a table. Seems like a rite of passage…in other ways it’s terrifying because what the heck else are they going to try to climb?!





Sophia climbed up to play with toys that were too far to reach. Joshua climbed up to no toys and then climbed back down and up several times to bring back blocks to his landing spot…

And then of course they climbed up together and one of them eventually did a full on stand! But I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of that. That’s a no – no!


Thankfully this is really one of the only climb-able surfaces easy enough for them to climb…I think.

Now to teach that we don’t climb on tables….


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