our hot, kid free NYE!

And when I say hot I mean…hot like temperature. We were working up a storm doing projects around the house for the 30 hours the babies were off visiting grandma and grandpa!

It takes foreverrrrrr to get stuff done when they are around. They are cuties but they sure do require a lot or attention! So we wanted to take a full day to get some things around the house done.

On the list:

–Paint all trim and doors in Joshua’s room

–Paint wall color in Joshua’s room

–Install baby locks in out bathroom {they were constantly getting into drawers and running off with my makeup and Greg’s electric razor. Not cool}

–Hang pictures and decor on the walls

So it’s not a long list but the room painting took nearly the entire day. You have to tape…and then do trim…and then let it dry…and then do second coat…and dry…and wall color…and dry…and second coat…bla bla. You get the idea. Took lots of time.

But in the end we were left with an awesome room color!




We got the locks installed and were able to hang a few things on the wall but then we ran out of time. Which is ok. It just means the babies will have to go have a blast at grandma and grandpas house again!

It was nice to have uninterrupted time to get stuff done…and we were definitely asleep before midnight. We are old.

Happy New Year….almost a month late!


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